Falling StarsFalling Stars: War of Empires is an upcoming 4X strategy game that tries to (relatively) pick up the pace in what can otherwise be a plodding genre. Each decision you make in your attempts to conquer the galaxy forces the game to evolve differently, and in combination with the configurable set of content and features, Falling Stars hopes to offer players reasons to come back and start all over again. You will (of course) command fleet battles with hundreds of ships at a time, play politics by resolving political agendas that can alter the rule set of the game, and discover hundreds of different planets in your path of domination. You can either develop diplomatic relations with these new planets or crush them under your galactic iron book. However, every planet in the game has its own history, so your decisions have consequences you often can't foretell.

You'll be able to configure the galaxy size, victory conditions, technology advancement rate, and more, and the game currently has online multiplayer that can be finished in one sitting (though I don't know if this PC feature will make it to the iOS version). What really makes Falling Stars sound intriguing to me is the diplomatic effects of your decisions; for instance, your decisions on one planet could cause riots on other planets, or you could gain reputation with a planets' inhabitants simply by conquering one of their enemies. If this system actually works as advertised, then it's going to be great fun. I don't have a release date for the game yet, but keep an ear out for more info.

  • curtisrshideler

    I've been looking for a good 4x game on iOS for a long time. Most of them just don't click for me, be it the interface, graphics/method of display, too much/little story, or other things. This sounds like it might be a little heavy on the politics for me, but I might give it a shot. Anyone recommend another 4x that may be interesting? I'm more into the exploration and expanding than the exploiting and exterminating. Stellar Horizon has been my go-to since it came out. And I've tried many others already.

    • Spamgristle

      I know of Starbase Orion (a fan tribute to Master of Orion 2) and Star Traders 4x Empires. And Planar Conquest for fantasy instead of sci-fi.

      What other ones have you tried? Sounds like you have a lot of experience.

      • Spamgristle

        Also Space Story and Battlestations: Harbinger.

  • OrangutanKungfu

    Hmmm... This or Planar Conquest?

    • Milotorou

      I guess if the game live up to its hype and PQ fixes the little things that need to be its going to be a debate regarding preferance between Sci-Fi and Fantasy.

  • Struttingtech

    Diplomacy with bullets!

  • Laslos

    I made the mistake of buying star nomad 2 the other day because I thought it was this... My fault for not paying close attention. It was an expensive mistake, especially since I don't find it very fun. Ow well. I can't wait for this to release.