If you like your battles massive and steeped in fantasy, Rising Warriors, which you can check out in our forums, might be your thing. This upcoming fantasy strategy games, which has really nice visuals, features 80 vs 80 battles and looks fun. In Rising Warriors, you can build an army using 16 unit types that you slowly upgrade and then attach to them 8 human heroes - which you can also promote and evolve. According to the developers, there are countless combinations of troops, spells, Heroes, and Clan reinforcements, so since this is a multiplayer game, I can see a meta evolving as players build their armies and evolve their units.

During the battles you can cast your spells, but other than that you sit and watch that 80 v 80 bowling competition unfold. There's also a base-building layer and, as to be expected, a Clan system as well. The multiplayer and Clan features are recent additions, so they are still being worked on. The game is in soft launch in Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam, so if you want to check it out, follow our guide on how to get soft launched games.

  • Sabaki

    Looks interesting. Reminds me of Dragon Force on the Sega Saturn.

  • Nivak

    Cant find it in Philipen Store

  • http://www.start-cyber.com/ aabedraboh


  • squirrel squirrel squirrel

    Whoa. This artwork is a complete ripoff from that of the Kingdom Rush series, right down to the typesetting. Doesn't appear to be from the same developer. This is shameful. Don't support crap like this.

  • maiyr

    That combat looked like Ninja Village Story

  • Particle

    It's worth to try now! Great!

  • http://www.framedealer.it Skuba

    Playing this since the beta, i'm really enjoying it. It catched me because as Sabaki said reminds Dragon Force and Ninja Village.. both games loved by developers and used as inspirations.

    I don't think it's a rip off of Kingdom Rush, even in the style.
    It's quite deep the more you progress.. there's really more than meet the eye at first.
    You should try for yourself.

  • Roleki

    I can't wait to try this - it looks like the gameplay is well implemented, and I like the artwork.

  • Clive Bennett

    2 Weeks to global launch - exciting times with all the additonal features now added.

  • BluePaladin

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