There's loads of really cool flight simulators on the App Store, and Flight Unlimited 2K16 [$4.99] is easily on that list somewhere. Well, it got a big update today that added a bunch of different plans you can unlock via IAP, but the core game itself went free. If you, like me, really only download these flight sim games to fiddle around, see if you can land a plane with engine failures, and generally just crash a lot... Well, you can now do that totally for free in one of the better flight sims on the App Store. If you really need to fly a C130, well, you can grab the IAP and go wild.


If you're super serious about flight sims, I'd also check out Xplane [Free]. It's similarly free to try with a bunch of stuff you can buy in-game if you find yourself falling in love with flying around on your iPhone or iPad. Personally, I'm a bigger fan of games like Mayday! Emergency Landing [Free] as it's non-stop stupid scenarios I end up making up in real flight simulators, which is also free. Hell, grab 'em all and let us know which one you like the best and why.

  • colbertj

    Holy download size!!!

  • dancingcrane

    Does anyone know of a game with a Bo105 Heli? It's the only aerobatic helicopter in the world, and I'd love to see it!

  • crazychimp

    Great another game I paid good money with the promise of regular updates. When they finally do release an update it goes free. Let's at least hope it's worth playing now. Looks good but the physics are not a patch on some other iOS flight sims.

    • fabianb

      Why just dont play infinite flight?