Supergiant Games doesn't release games often, but when they do the world stops and takes notice. Their breakout hit was 2011's Bastion [$4.99], which first launched on Xbox Live Arcade but made its way to iOS about a year later. Then there was 2014's Transistor [$4.99], which received similar critical praise and also made its way to iOS about a year after its original release. So today Supergiant has announced their third game, a gorgeous party-based RPG called Pyre, and I just can't help but think (and pray) that this one will follow in the footsteps of its predecessors and we'll be playing it on iOS in about a year. A pie in the sky prediction? Maybe. But regardless of if that ends up being the case or not, I'll take any excuse to share this beautiful trailer for Pyre.

I honestly see no reason for Supergiant to NOT bring Pyre over to iOS devices. Bastion raced up the charts when it released on the App Store and has been featured and included in Best Of collections dozens of times since. While not quite to the same degree as Bastion, Transistor has seen similar acclaim and featuring from Apple since arriving on iOS. I've got to imagine that Supergiant doesn't have a problem getting sprayed with a money hose from an additional platform. However, *officially* Pyre is only slated for PlayStation 4 and Steam, as per the trailer. It's also not set to arrive until next year, which means that–if their previous iOS releases are anything to go by–us mobile folks wouldn't even be playing it until sometime in 2018 anyway. I'm a patient man, though! So let's all cross our collective fingers that Pyre finds its way to iOS someday, and if we get any official word to that effect, we'll be letting you know.

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  • rezn

    Ohh this is exciting! Finally got the Overland beta today and now this is happening. Turning out to be a great Tuesday.

    • sakara214ever

      How do you get the beta of Overland?

      • Tallgeese

        Cool, that Overland game sounds pretty awesome too. If you want to get into the private overland beta, it looks like creator Adam Saltsman has been selling keys for them occasionally (well according to his Twitter feed anyways, looks like maybe $20/key?). His mom and CEO (I'd laugh but I don't own a game company and that's kinda cool I guess) said about 30 minutes ago that they'd have more keys "in a few weeks."
        . If you want in on the Beta I'd recommend following @ADAMATOMIC and/or his mom @BEXSALTSMAN and/or subscribing to the Overland game mailing list (a link to which can be found on either feed or googled separately, and there are a lot of cool articles from various sites on this game, I hope it's way schway!).
        Good luck!

      • Saam

        Just to clear things up @BEXSALTSMAN is @ADAMATOMIC 's wife and co-developer on OVERLAND, she does a lot of business dev stuff / design / writing on Overland and with Finji's other projects.

      • Tallgeese

        haha, omships, sorry, I was afraid that (some of the tweets seemed to indicate that but I couldn't be sure). Thanks for correcting me. My boops!

      • Tallgeese

        *afraid of that [as in might be making that mistake] *(he said 'thanks, mom' and her profile says "mom") All the pictures on my current screen are blurry (it's a tv screen because my usual screen is shutting off by itself because it hates life/me/capacitors/mst3k/etc.).

      • Tallgeese

        Oh no, they won't read this will they!? They'll think I'm some sort of miscreant from Chinatown and I'll be banned from the game from life! Or even from watching others play it! I can't live like that! WHO COULD!?!? Look man, I'm cool, I'm not a cop, I just like to party! I'm 100% ok with letting trunk people marry!

      • H4nd0fg0d


  • Quazonk

    Excellent. I don't care how long the wait is, just glad to know this is happening 🙂

  • thestapler

    daaaammmn son. this company. they just take it to the next level every time.

  • Marie Pixie Hayes

    Omg just take my money!

  • Cpt Garlock

    Getting some good "SaGa" vibes from this, probably just the art direction, but hyped nonetheless

  • raravan


  • Bliquid

    I can honestly not believe the animations my eyes just saw.

    • Tallgeese

      Fluid as [Frankenstein's jUttery loComotions, oK, not that other word]!

  • sinagog

    Hey, Red. You still with me? That's my girl. I know things have been hard- things usually are in this city- but there's good news on the horizon. Very good news. Now, sing for me. Sing for me like it's the last time you ever can.

    • Tallgeese

      Oh yeah! Time to drag this giant talking sword around!

  • TrencH

    Holy crap that looked good! I hope we can get a better idea of how it plays and hopefully if it makes it to iOS.

  • Luciano1084

    I didn't even watch the trailer and I'm super excited..

  • Mince0

    Day 1 purchase for me, there games are much better on a big screen anyway 🙂

  • Mince0


  • Tallgeese

    Sweet mam-a-jama!

  • Ойбек Кучкаров

    As well, guys from Supergiant Games ignore ANDROID platform ? Why ? Do not tell about piracy, ok.

    • Tallgeese

      Reddit thread from about 6 months ago mentions that someone contacted Supergiant with this same question. They say they're a small team and time spent porting and bugfixing something over to Android's many devices takes time away from new projects. They haven't ruled it out but it sounds like they don't want to. Wired also has an article from 2013 about how F2P games are usually ported over to Android easily because they sell well but paid games typically do not for various reasons.

    • Michal Hochmajer

      Some basic stats, despite you won't hear it.
      Piracy rate
      Biggest problem is that most indie devs can't simply build big enough team from mobile games income. Just for illustration. You need something about 20 different devices to cover most CPU/GPU. And it's constantly changing. As much as I like Google and my android devices...
      Still many great game releases on android too.

    • spader623

      'Doesn't want to hear about piracy' 'piracy is probably one of the main reasons why'. Ok buddy.

  • Milotorou

    This looks AMAZING !

  • Michal Hochmajer

    Ok, standard procedure.
    Buy PC/Mac til dead.
    Buy mobile til dead 1 year after desktop release.
    Warbits campaign was awesome. Banner saga 2 almost downloaded.
    Waiting for Pyre from super awesome dev.
    If you ask me 10 years ago, where game industry is...
    But now...
    O my, 3rd gaming golden age in my eyes.

    • Alexythimia23

      Defo agree there buddy, it is a great era. I think it would explode if some awesome big dev with a lot of sway started porting a crap load of xbox and station 2 games, could you imagine the hype of playing the full back catalogue of all those games on your phone or tablet!! Don't wake me up!

    • Dankrio

      Golden age for me, indeed. If Apple only cared about gaming a little bit more...

  • whitestatic

    2018: iPhone 8/8+

  • curtisrshideler

    Awesome! I'm sure my next iPhone a couple years from now will handle it just fine, though.

  • matteopico

    I'm so happyyyy!!!!!

  • Derprozess

    New game on my Watch List for the next couple of years (;

  • stelluhreyesthis

    This game looks gorgeous, can't wait to see the new combat mechanics they've invented for this one as well.

  • speetz

    Awesome! I never player Transistor as I'm not a puzzle gamer but LOVED Bastion for so many reasons, and RPGs in general. Can't wait! Makes me want to go play through bastion again

  • InTheAir

    Well, it's going to take as long to get a decent Steam sale.

  • Mintslap

    Insta mother fucking buy.

  • Chungston


  • JudasKain

    Uber duper cool trailer. Was so into it I sang the last note thinking they'd belt high.. But they whispered low.. Take my wallet. And my vocal chords.