It was back in January that we first learned about Daddy Long Legs [Free] developer Set Snail's upcoming puzzle platformer called illi, and today they've revealed that the game is finished, is already approved by Apple, and set for release on Tuesday, April 26th. If you missed it before, illi is an adorable caterpillar-type creature who inches along blocky platforms collecting items and working towards an exit. The blocky platforms in the game have their own gravity, and how and when to jump between platforms in order to collect every item or avoid every hazard is where the "puzzle" aspect comes into play. Check out a brand new trailer for illi.

As you can see, illi has a wonderful art style and a tremendous sense of atmosphere, and it looks like there will be some seriously challenging and clever levels to work through. I'm really looking forward to it. A handful of folks who helped do some last minute beta testing for illi had some really great things to say about it in our forums. If you like the look of this one, mark your calendars for April 26th when illi arrives in the App Store.


    This game is really fun to play, specialy the Quests you need to do to advange are a joy to play, this is an easy reccomondation.

  • skylined87

    Awesomeness! Can't wait! When I first started the trailer, I immediately thought of Furdemption because of the font of the text on screen. 🙂 this one's an instabuy for sure!

  • H4nd0fg0d

    Super awesome game. 3 goals to complete per level. Really good.