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The Upcoming Cyberpunk Roguelite ‘Leap of Fate’ Looks Great

Leap of Fate, a fast-paced cyberpunk roguelite that mixes magic and technology, has released on PC and its on its way (guns and magic blazing) to mobile. The game popped up on our forums in 2014, but then went silent (possibly in an attempt to keep the PC version and the mobile version distinct in the eyes of gamers). In a manner similar to Shadowrun Returns ($1.99), Leap of Fate brings technomages to the forefront but also adds an interesting psychological context to the game by having you fight against your own psychological demons. You take on hordes of enemies and plenty of traps using your shadow walk ability, the powerful glyphs you posses, and the magical skills you upgrade along the way.

As you can see from the trailer, the visuals are quite nice, but I think what should please players more is the over a hundred magical skills that you can upgrade through an innovative (according to the developers) system of randomly-generated skill trees. Add to that the intriguing storyline and the cyberpunk aesthetic, and you have a promising game. So, a twin-stick cyberpunk roguelite with great atmosphere and an intriguing story? Yeah, count me in. We don’t have a release date yet, but we’ll keep you informed.