Man do I love dungeon crawlers, but sometimes while I'm adventuring around diving down deep in a dangerous dungeon I have to stop and think to myself "I'm not learning while doing this!" Well that's about to be a thing of the past when Dungenious launches later this week. It takes the idea of multiple choice quiz games and mashes it together with a roguelike dungeon crawler. I am pretty much a fan of any game that takes "X" and mashes it together with a roguelike dungeon crawler. See Dungenious in action in the following trailer.

I actually enjoy playing trivia, but for the most part whenever I find a trivia or quiz game on iOS that I like I eventually burn out on it. I think having an upgradeable character and loot to discover might be the sort of hook to keep me quizzing away. Dungenious will also allow you to create custom quizzes, so you can actually use it to do real-life academic stuff like study for an upcoming test, or simply to tailor the quiz themes to things you enjoy personally. It'll also come equipped with 50 different topics built in too, so there should be no lack of questions for you to answer. Look for Dungenious this Thursday for a price of $2.99.

  • Talaen

    Slaying monsters while getting smarter? Sign me up!

    Now if we could only make it slaying monsters + getting smarter + exercising, that might make my life complete.

    • sobriquet

      Maybe they can make it so you actually have to get up and walk to move through the dungeon;)

      • crazy dad

        Augmented reality where it used the phones camera that will show where the spirits and goblins are. That could work.

      • Talaen

        And in between it launches a VR pop quiz / trivia question. Love it. I'm just imagining seeing flames or spikes closing in as the timer ticks down to answer the question, and if you get it right you literally move to the next battle/obstacle.

  • Reaganomics

    Take my cash Noizoo Games.

  • Claudia

    I’m learnding!