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Upcoming ‘Cosplay Cats’ Blends Match-3 Mechanics with ‘Neko Atsume’-Like Gameplay

You might not know this, but I’m contractually obligated (by my two cats) to write about any good-looking cat game out there, and upcoming Cosplay Cats seems to fit the bill. This game blends match-3 mechanics with gameplay similar to the lazy cat simulator, Neko Atsume (Free). You’ll have to solve matching puzzles to win lots of gifts for your cats, dress those kitties up with mysterious outfits (apparently ranging from manga to movie outfits), and then watch those kitties play around in your garden. And, of course, you can take photos of those kitties to show off on the internet. I mean, isn’t this one a winner?

The game will offer over 30 cat breeds, each with its own personality, ranging from Persians, Maine Coons, Siamese, and more, plenty of toys for your kitties, and an endless combination of costumes. And, to top all that, there’s a store where you can buy all kinds of merchandise featuring those cute kitties. So, yes, definitely a winner in my eyes. You can find out more info on the game in our forum thread. The game is nearing completion, so keep an eye out if you enjoy kitties, costumes, and kitties in costumes.