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Check out the Latest ‘Super Senso’ Trailer

We previewed it earlier this year, but all of us at TouchArcade are pretty excited for Super Senso. If you haven’t heard of it before, the best way to describe it is a real slick mobile Advance Wars-like with big-ass robots. Recently, it was announced that the game is to be published by GungHo, which brings along all sorts of benefits like being part of the GungHo booth at PAX East… Which of course means you need a PAX East gameplay trailer:

Super Senso is scheduled to be released sometime this year. It’s been soft launched in New Zealand for quite a while now, so if you’re curious to see what the game is like as they continue development, take a look at our guide and try it for yourself. (It seriously won’t take much more than a few minutes.) Anyway, we’re super stoked to see what comes of Super Senso, particularly now that GungHo is onboard.