We've been following the progress of Power Hover's [$3.99] forthcoming update for the past few months as developer Oddrok has been posting bits and pieces of the update in our forums. Now it's all coming full circle as that update is finished and set to arrive next Thursday, April 7th. The update will include new environments to hover around in, an entire new chapter with 6 new levels and 1 new endless boss level, and new characters to unlock and play as. All of this new goodness can be seen in this brand new trailer.

In case you're in the dark on what all this Power Hover business is all about, check out our original review from December to get the skinny on the game. Basically, it's an extremely stylish 3rd-person runner type game, but level-based with certain endless levels and a really unique physics system. Our only real gripe with the game was a lack of variety, which should be rectified nicely with the new environments and characters in next week's update. Also check out the forum thread for plenty of discussion on Power Hover, and look for the game's first big content update next Thursday.

  • sinagog

    Gorgeous game, and rather underrated. I love how expansive the levels are, and how they casually throw in things like undulating primary-coloured Dune-worms! Can't wait until it gets even bigger!

  • skylined87

    I can't wait for this! Awesome game!