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Stylish Endless Surfer ‘Go Surf’ Launching Next Thursday

Earlier this month we checked out the trailer for Go Surf, a new one-touch endless surfing game that had a really killer visual style. Developer Diverso Games has got in touch with us to let us know that Go Surf now has an official release date, and should be arriving on the App Store next Thursday, April 7th. In case you missed that trailer the first time around, here it is again.

Some folks, ourselves included, have said Go Surf looks like the surfing version of Alto’s Adventure ($4.99), and I still think that’s pretty accurate. Both games are centered around a simple gameplay mechanic but are fleshed out by their beautiful visuals and the little worlds they take place in that feel truly alive. Go Surf in particular feels like it nails that beach lifestyle vibe. The game has actually been in soft-launch for a couple of weeks, and so far early players have had some nice things to say about it, as well as some good feedback for the developers. So expect a pretty polished product when Go Surf officially launches on April 7th for $2.99 with no IAP.