When Minecraft: Story Mode [Free] launched in October of last year, we were pretty impressed with how quickly Telltale was releasing new episodes compared to their previous episodic games. In just a couple of months 4 episodes were released with the last episode arriving just prior to Christmas, and it's those 4 episodes that are covered in our ever-evolving review of Minecraft: Story Mode. Then last week we learned that a fifth episode was on its way, and shockingly that there were three more episodes planned to arrive after it. It looks like Minecraft: Story Mode might just continue to evolve with new story arcs and episode sets for a long time, rather than having any separate sequels, and to that I say "Cool!" Today Episode 5 titled "Order Up!" is now available for download, and is designed to bridge the gap between Episode 4, which concluded the Wither Storm story arc, and the forthcoming Episodes 6, 7, and 8. Here's Episode 5's trailer.

As always once we've given our own Tacos Lazerrider time to digest Episode 5, expect our review to be updated to reflect the new content. Or, perhaps, since these new episodes seem to be going in different storyline directions, maybe we should do a new review for them? This episodic stuff gets tricky, so let us know if you have any strong feelings one way or the other. As for Episode 5, it should be available to download and play right now across the vast array of digital platforms that Minecraft: Story Mode is available on.

  • Stevoisiak

    Are these new episodes free when purchasing the other episodes in the series, or do they need to be purchased separately?

    • http://twitter.com/JaredTA Jared Nelson

      Looks like there's a few options. Single episode 5 purchase for $4.99, an Ep 2-5 pack for $14.99, an Ep 6-8 pack for $11.99, or like a mega bundle thing with Episodes 2-8 for $24.99. So I don't believe any of the episodes are free, but there's some savings if you buy in bulk. One thing I do know though is that to play any of the episodes 2-8 you have to own the base episode 1 game which costs $4.99, so like you can't just start with these new episodes.

      • err404

        I assume that this plays like the other TT games where your choices have a big impact in future episodes. You can't really skip ahead since you involved in the story.
        That said, I have not tried Minecraft yet because I prefer to pick up these games after the season finishes the run. Otherwise you need to wait too long between each episode and I find that breaks the impact of the story.

  • Rhonda Mcknight

    I purchased the epi 2-5 pack and it won't download to my iPad. We also own it on PS3 so my son is waiting for the download there, but I was wondering if anyone else was having a delay with the update for 5.

  • tex42

    I vote for new thread. That old one is pretty long.

  • kfelicity85

    More episodes sounds great to me! And more games in the near future... Just keen Em coming TellTale... Although, I still miss the older style games such as Tales of Monkey Island, Sam & Max and Back to the Future... I'm a point and click adventure game fanatic so I don't want to deviate to much away from the classic style....

    • kfelicity85

      *too much