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‘Infinite Tanks’ is a Visually Stunning Tank Battling Game from ‘Sky Gamblers’ Developer Atypical Games

Atypical Games busted onto the scene with their exhilarating Sky Gamblers series of aerial dogfighting games, and then took the fight to the land and sea as well in the excellent Battle Supremacy series. Today they’ve unveiled their latest game which focuses on land battling… in giant kick-ass tanks, of course. The new game is called Infinite Tanks, and like their other titles it’s certainly no slouch in the graphics department. However, it’s not just a pretty game with a catchy name either, as your tanks in the game are highly customizable and Atypical claims that there’s more than 30 million different permutations of tanks available in the game. Not quite infinite, but close. Check out a trailer of an early beta version of Infinite Tanks.

The customization system in Infinite Tanks will be card-based which allows you to mix and match various parts including engines, bodies, tracks, turrets, and guns to create your own personalized death machine. In addition, you’ll be able to swap cards with players online, and Atypical describes this card-driven customization system as “driven by single-player progression and multiplayer collaboration." Of course Infinite Tanks will include online multiplayer with 6 expansive maps to play on and all your typical multiplayer game types, but it will also include a “sweeping, epic single-player campaign."

No word yet on pricing or release date, but Atypical’s games are usually paid with some offering additional IAP stuff, so I’d guess this will follow a similar path. However, if they’re looking to dethrone current tank-battling king World of Tanks Blitz (Free), they may even opt to go the free to play route. We’ll just have to wait and see, but expect to hear much more about Infinite Tanks in the near future.