I literally cannot calculate how many hours I spent on Contra back in the day, especially playing it on my PC with my brother. That game was so much fun, and we had reached a point where we had the whole thing pretty much memorized. Now, we'll get to play it again (hopefully) on mobile since Tencent and Konami are cooperating to develop Contra Mobile, a game that's only been announced as China-exclusive so far, but I hope we'll see it hit other App Stores too in the future. If you remember, there have been more attempts at bringing Contra to a new audience, such as the 2013 Contra: Evolution, which didn't really hit the mark, so we have yet to see a good Contra game on mobile.

According to the trailer above and the very limited info we have, the game looks to have the classic features untouched, and there will be a 2-player co-op included and even a 1v1 PvP mode, which I'm curious to see how it will play. There are 4 playable characters (and probably an extra fifth somewhere in there), but other than that, we have no info on how the game will be monetized or anything along those lines. I wonder if Konami's decision has anything to do with that survey the company did back in August where it asked which classic franchises players wanted to see brought back to life. As for Contra Mobile, for now all we can do is one, hope the game's actually good, and two, hope it makes it to the West. We'll of course keep you informed. Excited?

[via MMO Culture]

  • macatron

    I hope this is as awesome as the trailer makes it look! 😀

  • Gurney Halleck

    Please don't suck!! Been waiting for this moment since I first got my iPhone! Been playing Contra 4 DS version in emulator, but it's not the same as a native mobile could be.

  • vic_viper_001

    Consumable powerups, and lives... yup, Looks like it has all the makings of another freemium POS insult to fans of Contra. I sure miss the good ol' days where you simply relied on your own skill to succeed. #Fuckonami

    • http://buzzabit.com/aaron/ Aaron Sullivan

      I remember playing this in the arcade and it was super cheap and you had to stack your quarters up on the machine to get far. Nintendo versions did have a nicer balance but, you know, you paid a ton up front (many, many quarters) and they used hyper difficulty to make about 1 hour of repetitive content feel like 5-20 hours or maybe you just give up (like I did with Contra III). Not saying this is better, but just having an alternate monetization scheme doesn't mean it can't be fun.

      Looks like a decent enough go at it, but after saying all I've said I'm probably not much more optimistic about it than you. 😉

  • http://noodlecake.com Ryan Noodle

    I didnt know that Botox was a powerup in the new game.

    • boydstr

      I think he is a fan off the "Duke"

  • SuperDanX


  • LordShad0wz

    Chinese exclusive. Grrrrrr

  • http://www.youtube.com/TheInuboyNetworkHD Inuboy1000

    I'm surprised... Not that Konami is making a Contra game for mobile, but that no one has used #FuckKonami

    Oh well. #FuckKonami

  • Sick of Labour

    Hmmm, I wonder if this is some sort of enhanced and updated version of Contra Evolution? Some of the sound effects in that trailer along with the available virtual buttons makes it look like there might be some relation.

    It's definitely not the same developer logo, but they could have gone bust and opened up with a new name.

    In the end I thought Contra Evolution was OK. The last update added MFi controls and the auto-fire options made it fairly playable on a touch screen. They took out most of the grind too, so you didn't need to pay to unlock any features. It was definitely terrible when it first released, but in the end it was quite good. Hopefully this game will be good from the start!

  • Daniel Noah

    How do you Konami code on a phone?

  • boydstr

    Looks real nice great graphics style,buy it for sure.

  • OldFilthySIN

    Any word on if this will be released for Apple TV as well? Along those lines, it doesn't seem that TA does any dedicated Apple TV coverage, which I seem to game on more lately than any of my current gen consoles. Does anyone know of a website that features ATV gaming news and reviews?

  • KoRoV

    Game is already out on android and its great 😀 completly new contra game inpired by clasic levels and music and adapted for mobile gameplay. Works great. Its available for download on tencent market for free, but it looks like TA dont alow me to send links in coments. Google it,contra heroes return, its hard to find but its revarding. And you must have qq acount to login and play. Enjoy

  • gsaint73

    This game became nice but still there is no English version yet...bummer