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Upcoming ‘Contra Mobile’ is Another Remake of the Classic Series, Hopefully a Good One This Time

I literally cannot calculate how many hours I spent on Contra back in the day, especially playing it on my PC with my brother. That game was so much fun, and we had reached a point where we had the whole thing pretty much memorized. Now, we’ll get to play it again (hopefully) on mobile since Tencent and Konami are cooperating to develop Contra Mobile, a game that’s only been announced as China-exclusive so far, but I hope we’ll see it hit other App Stores too in the future. If you remember, there have been more attempts at bringing Contra to a new audience, such as the 2013 Contra: Evolution, which didn’t really hit the mark, so we have yet to see a good Contra game on mobile.

According to the trailer above and the very limited info we have, the game looks to have the classic features untouched, and there will be a 2-player co-op included and even a 1v1 PvP mode, which I’m curious to see how it will play. There are 4 playable characters (and probably an extra fifth somewhere in there), but other than that, we have no info on how the game will be monetized or anything along those lines. I wonder if Konami’s decision has anything to do with that survey the company did back in August where it asked which classic franchises players wanted to see brought back to life. As for Contra Mobile, for now all we can do is one, hope the game’s actually good, and two, hope it makes it to the West. We’ll of course keep you informed. Excited?

[via MMO Culture]