Konami Wants You To Vote To Bring Back Classic Franchises

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2000px-Konami.svg_I know, we seem to be talking about Konami every other day, but it’s really not our fault that the company keeps giving us plenty to talk about. From its flip flop on its future direction to its “pleasant" working environment, Konami has been a popular topic of conversation for those who deal with video games. Now, the company has decided to turn the microphone to gamers and ask which of the old Konami franchises do they want to see resurrected. The “Konami heritage games survey" also offers a chance to win a prize, so it’s worth doing for that if nothing else.


The survey includes such games as Castlevania, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Contra, Bomberman, and plenty more, and asks what your past experiences were with those games, whether you liked them or not, the favorite elements of the games according to you, how interested you would be in playing a new version of the games, and so on. The most interesting question of the survey is about which platforms you would want to see these new versions, with the answers ranging from Cross Platform to Mobile only. I like that Konami is turning to gamers for an opinion regarding bringing old games back to life, though whether this survey will garner any actually-usable results remains to be seen. You can take the survey here.

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