Early last month we talked about Exiles of Embermark, an upcoming RPG battling game that aims to give mobile players satisfying combat in one minute sessions. The game is being developed by Gunslinger Studio, an offshoot of Industrial Toys, and they showed off an in-progress build at GDC this week which is looking fantastic. If everything comes together how they're planning it to, Exiles of Embermark could be a perfect way to get your combat and character progression fix while on the go.

The combat element of Exiles of Embermark is very interesting and I especially love its focus on brief encounters. However, for me I'm excited to see how deep the item and character levelling system is, and I can already imagine gettting totally sucked into customizing and upgrading my warrior, which sounds like exactly what Gunslinger is "shooting" for with the game (pun TOTALLY intended). Exiles of Embermark will enter into soft-launch in the June/July timeframe with a full launch planned before the end of the year.

  • Wizard_Mike

    I really like the looks of this. It seems very similar to Venan's Book of Heroes, but with much better graphics and a much more intriguing concept of questing. Looking forward to this!

  • Rmanluther

    Reminds me of the web based game Duels.Com.

  • rayray307

    The battling looks like Pokémon red/blue