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GDC 2016: ‘Midnight Star: Renegade’ from Industrial Toys is Looking Great, Heading to Soft-Launch Soon

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Last year’s Midnight Star (Free) was a fun take on first-person shooters rethought with mobile and touchscreens in mind. It had an element of “on rails" restriction, but this served to make the gunplay itself the focus which proved to be a great move, in my opinion. Now developer Industrial Toys is readying the follow-up Midnight Star: Renegade, which we first caught wind of earlier this month. Midnight Star: Renegade expands the movement capabilities over the original, but still utilizes a similar control setup, and ends up falling somewhere right in-between the on-rails nature of the first and a full dual-stick first-person shooter.

As someone who loves first-person shooters and have found them a surprisingly great fit on touchscreens, I know I’m in a minority there as many people feel the lack of tactile controls makes it a genre that’s too fiddly to play on mobile. At the same time, not everyone loves fully on-rails games, and I think Midnight Star: Renegade has struck a really smart balance between the two. It should be going into soft-launch in select territories later this month, with a full launch planned for soon after.

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