We now know when Miitomo, Nintendo's first mobile app/game, will release in Japan: March 17th. As confirmed by an email release we've received, Japan will be able to download the game next Thursday. Worldwide preregistration has begun, and it's possible that Miitomo will hit western shores before too long, but Japanese users will get their first crack at making their Miis and communicating with their friends through this app.

Miitomo Preregistration

While we're sure to see more Nintendo things in the near future, and possibly more appealing game-related apps, this does kind of represent a milestone for Nintendo, as it's also the first big product to use their Nintendo Accounts. It should start earning you coins toward rewards, so Miitomo should be worth a download for Nintendo fans no matter if it's a 'game' or not.

  • Mr.Ace

    LOL who is looking forward to this?........exactly

    • Hoodin

      Me... really, really looking forward to it!

    • J T

      I am. Should be fun. And future games will come that might work with this app and the Miis.

  • 김지 킫밸

    I am actually and I bet it'll be fun-Ish, I guess. But the money is where it's at, with Mario attire and such. Maybe a few mini games. So much for the same release date world wide though

  • barefootdragon

    They're chumming the waters.

  • Wizard_Mike

    The last line of this article made me finally realize that I stopped being a fan of Nintendo a long time ago. I'm still a fan of some of their franchises, like Metroid, Zelda, and Mario, but I'm just not a fan of the company any more.

    • curtisrshideler

      Well said. I'm in the same boat. Love their franchises and some of the games I had when I was a Nintendo fan, but the fact I haven't bought a Nintendo console in 13 years is evidence enough. I'm no longer a fan. And this app sure isn't going to bring me back.

      • Alexythimia23

        Here here lol defo i think it will do better in japan then anywhere else..

  • schail

    If this is what I think it is and that is the successor of the Tomodachi Life, this will be another huge success. Tomodachi life sold 2mil in Europe alone and the figure I saw last time was around 4mil globally. That being said if Miitomo has the similar sims like feel with the possibility of communicating and interacting with your friends, this will be very profitable be it a big name franchise or not.

    • nini

      But that's not true gaming!!!! NONTENDO HAve BETRaED TREU HARDCOEE GANERS!!11 *flips several tables*

      • Tallgeese

        Those poor tables! What'd they ever do to you?

      • Stormourner of the Nature

        lol just like the people at IGN or Gamespot

  • Hoodin

    I'm excited for this! I'm guessing this will be the stress test. If the servers can handle Japan, they'll handle NA and EU just fine!

  • Ahiru Nakamura

    wow, that's a great idea… 15 years ago!!!

  • Joseph Mireles

    people need to stop referring to this as a 'game'. it confuses people, and causes even more disappointed. just refer to it as a Nintendo 'app'.

    • Martymcsmartie

      I agree, kudos to Nintendo for entering the mobile arena. But let us know when you make a game please.

  • crazy dad

    Don't get it. As evident by emulators popularity, there is a demand for playing their old games on mobile devices. Just bring back the original Mario, Zelda, punch out etc for a couple bucks and I'd buy. Who's with me? How many millions and millions would they make from that alone?

    • Out5poken

      That's not the answer. Nostalgia isn't going to win this war... I would argue that the new younger generation of gamers, (which is probably the target market) don't want to play the old 8bit and 16bit retro titles most of us older folk grew up on.

      Nintendo will need to bring fresh new ideas and games if they are to succeed. Personally I don't think this miitomo app will cut it in the long run... but who knows...

      • crazy dad

        But it could help with financials.

      • OutSpoken

        Hmm, I doubt it. Despite its popularity – i believe the emulator crowd is still niche.

  • Far_Out

    I'd pay $40-50 for Mario Maker on iPad!

  • boydstr

    I don't understanding the excitement about this release I hoped for a wel known Nintendo IP they have such a large game library to choose from but this is not one of them not a great start on the IOS platform still hope for better games in the future.