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‘Dash Masters’ Will Have the Greatest Death Animation Ever

I saw Dash Masters and thought that the game looked like fun. It has back-and-forth zig-zag jumping, to go along with homing missiles being shot out, and a dash attack. It’s a high score chaser, as you try to ascend as high as possible, while collecting coins that go toward upgrades. Plus, you have to complete objectives to level up and unlock future upgrades. Certainly a familiar structure for a game, but still entertaining nonetheless.

Now, the thing that really sold me on Dash Masters is what happens when you die. No joke, when you decide to stop continuing, a scene happens where a coffin with hover jets comes in, wraps around your body, and flies off into the sky. I’m serious, it’s amazing:

Dash Masters Hovering Coffin

If that doesn’t convince you to play this game, frankly, I don’t know what will. Check out the forum thread to chat about the game, and possibly nab a promo code to download Dash Masters ahead of launch.