Rovio has soft launched Angry Birds Action in New Zealand, that should bring some more pull-and-fire physics-based action, but with a new top-down perspective. While immediate comparisons might be to Monster Strike [Free], this appears to be more of a simpler physics puzzler where you just try to wreak havoc in levels by launching and sliding around, trying to complete levels with a limited number of birds. If you get a certain number of hits in one launch, you get an extra move.

Angry Birds Action Soft Launch

The game features a winding level path to go on, with a seeming meta-game of rebuilding a village and crafting powerups to use. The energy system in this soft launch version is reportedly very rough to play with, as you run out of energy very quickly. Interestingly, this might be the second "top-down, pull-and-fire" game that Rovio is testing right now, if you believe Deminions Unleashed has anything to do with Rovio – though Supercell notably failed with Smash Land never escaping soft launch. Considering this game features the character designs of the upcoming Angry Birds movie, I bet we see this one worldwide sometime around the May 20th release. Check out the game's forum thread to chat about this one.

  • eventide

    More curious about the F2P shenanigans than anything

    • LordShad0wz

      Right in the pictures there is a brutal energy system. 3 maximum energy with 10 minute regen.

      • drwonton

        It's actually 20. You can get more with gems or watching a video. I made it to level 6 before having to stop because the lives don't keep if you win a level...

  • drwonton

    Played this a bit. It's a mix between angry birds and breakout. I normally enjoy angry birds games for a few days but this one didn't grab me much.

    Here's the big issue more than anything. There are limited plays. Not like Candy Crush where you win and keep a life. This one you lose energy win or lose. I couldn't play level 6 without waiting or buying lives. And let's be clear that the first 5 didn't do enough to keep me interested.

  • Adams Immersive

    If you want top-down pull-and-fire fun, look no farther than Squids! Addictive and gorgeous.

    • Edwin Ramirez

      Those Squids games are great.

    • eventide

      Agreed. Some of the best games on iOS. And they're premium