We've been closely following The Walking Dead: Michonne since it was first announced, being massive fans not only of The Walking Dead show and games, but particularly because of what an absolute bad ass of a character Michonne is. I'm unbelievably stoked for this game, and Telltale is teasing us this evening with six whole minutes of the beginning of the game:

The Walking Dead: Michonne is scheduled to be released on the PC and Mac on February 23rd, with other platforms quickly following. Telltale has already said it's hitting iOS on the 25th, but its entirely possible it squeaks out early because of how crazy the App Store can be with game releases.

  • Zendorphin

    Awesome, video was great! Instabuy (on iOS)

  • http://www.berryfication.com/ rezn

    This looks intense!! It's tough to decide if I want the Steam version or will I wait for the iOS one. Though it is nice when you can just pay the flat price on PC/Mac as opposed to paying on iOS then having to unlock the rest then go through the restore/login stuff should you delete it for space while waiting for new episodes.

  • Fangbone

    Awesome! Just started watching the new episode on A&E. Let's just say it starts off with a BANG! 😉

    • Fangbone

      Oops AMC*

  • https://www.youtube.com/user/rrvirus redribbon

    hopefully this time they don't take out those goddamn dynamic lighting on iphone 6s/plus and ipad pro.

  • InTheAir

    At PC standards, those animations are absolute crap. But if they have to animate every exact move with a 30-50 person team it's what we'll have to deal with.

  • Devok

    Quit your whining, great story and game play is all that counts, graphics arnt everything.