Lumines is a legendary musical puzzle game from the early days of the Sony PSP, and even to this day it's considered an all-time classic. The Lumines brand as a whole, however, has had a rocky road ever since. A handful of odd spinoffs and a poorly-received iPhone version released in 2009 failed to capture the magic of the original. We learned more than a year ago that the Lumines IP had been acquired by Japanese developer Mobcast, and that together with Enhance Games they would be reviving Lumines and bringing it to mobile devices in Japan. Enhance Games is Lumines creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi's studio, so this all sounded like a pretty good thing. We hadn't heard much on that since since, but according to The Verge Mobcast has announced that not just one but TWO new Lumines games are heading to mobile, with the first one arriving on iOS and Android this summer. Here's the very first screens.

lumines_ingame lumines_keyvisual_s

What's most interesting about this announcement is that Mobcast is looking to release the first mobile Lumines game, tentatively titled Lumines 2016, this summer as a paid game. The second game is tentatively titled Lumines VS and is slated for this winter, but it will be a free to play game. I think this is a really interesting move because a puzzle game like Lumines is ripe for the free to play market, but it holds such a special place in so many gamers' hearts that there's a pretty big audience of fans who would much rather have a normal, paid game akin to the original PSP release. So, it seems like Mobcast is going to do both. That's pretty neat! Also, even though the screens above are merely a glimpse at one of the upcoming mobile versions, it looks like it's been well thought out for mobile with a scaled down board and portrait orientation. I'm sure we'll be hearing more on both Lumines games soon so stay tuned.

[via The Verge]

  • Sebastian Gomez

    Never played it. I hadn't even heard of it. I know I don't deserve to live (for some people). But I'm already looking forward for their release.

  • Timmy2x

    Lumines for psp was my all time favorite game, I killed at it reaching max score which I believe was 999,999 if I remember correctly (it has been quite a few years).
    People used to call it Tetris on acid but it way more than that. You play till you "get it" and then there's a flow which will have you in a zone tranced with the music and you almost lose thought.
    Physical controls work best of course but if they can nail touch controls I'll bite since my psp has long since retired.

    • imdakine1

      Tetris was totally addicting as so was lumines on the psp. I didn't realize a version was released on the iPhone in 2009...???? Looking forward to this and am excited to hear it is going to be offered as both a premium and f2p.

    • Ponyfox

      Touch controls are doable. Back when I had an Android phone I ran a PSP emulator and the game played quite well. A native iOS app will probably work even better and more responsive, so if they get this right it could become quite awesome!

  • CodeREd

    I still have Lumines on my iPhone so...

  • Ponyfox

    If they get this right, I will buy it in a heart beat. Enjoyed this title ever since it came out on the PSP.
    Lumines! <3

  • putermcgee


    Both added to my watch list!

  • xxAcesHighxx


  • Mdcosta911

    Throwback from the original PSP. I'm in. #nostalgia

  • Drexiel

    Yeah... Imma have to start playing Lumines on my PSP again till this version comes out 😀

  • Edwin Ramirez

    All we need now is a new Patapon game.

    • Joe Burkett

      pata pata pata PON!!!!! pata pata pon pon!

  • bearcav

    Yes!!! SHININ' SHININ' SHININ' etc.

    One of my favorite franchises, from the first up to the PS3's Supernova. Actually, the one game I miss on my old PS3 is Supernova.

  • Derp De Derp

    I picked up a Vita recently and got my hands on a copy of Lumines: Electronic Symphony ASAP. It might never recapture the same, absolutely spellbound, entranced way I felt when really getting into the groove with the first game, but any chance at more Lumines on any platform is a great thing.