Many who anxiously await to play Clash Royale expected the game to launch early February right after the big update, but Supercell decided to withhold joy from us for longer. Well, now we know for how long since a new video posted on the Clash Royale website states March 2016 as the official global launch. So, not too long to wait now. If you haven't played Supercell's new game because you don't have a NZ account, know that this is a very addictive game that packs loads of strategy into 3 or 4 minute matches. It's a cross between a CCG, real-time strategy, and MOBA, and it's awesome. You get to play with all the units from Supercell's other tiny game, Clash of Clans, and you go against other opponents in an attempt to prevail over your puny rivals (I mean worthy opponents). There's a reason why we've been singing the game's praises; it really is awesome.

There's also a clan system, a tournament system, video replays, and much, much more. Players in our forums love it, too. I've been playing it for weeks now, and it really scratches that strategy itch in short bursts; in other words, perfect for those who enjoy strategy games but don't have the time to dig into longer, more complex strategy games. So, not too long to wait now for everyone to join the Clash Royale party!


  • terrence92

    Yes even MORE stuff I'm never gonna download!! Haha 😉 have fun tho the rest that does enjoy this stuff :p

    • curtisrshideler


    • CaptainCanuck

      Thanks for sharing your useless input.

    • DemoEvolved

      Your loss this game is a killer app

  • InTheAir

    Aw, they could've saved this for the Super Bowl to cause a huge ruckus. Would've definitely taken Clash Royale over Mobile Strike any day.

    • speedyph


  • Serotonin

    Another month? This makes me even more happy that I took the time to look up my New Zealand account's password so i could download this early. I don't know how long I'll enjoy this game, especially because I plan to spend very little on it, but for the last week it's been eating up my IOS time. Well, this and Crashlands and Puzzle Strike.

    • H4nd0fg0d

      Serotonin huh, say, I could use some of that. Been playing it a bit and find it sort of boring. With my current backlog, I had to delete. Just curious what you like about it?

      • Serotonin

        Quick matches, lots of tense tactics, dramatic comebacks. I'm not saying it's a great game, but it's a nice shot of rapid-fire multiplayer fun. Right now it's scratching an itch for me, but I completely understand why someone might find it lacking.

  • Gamer1st

    I'm just glad the latest patch to the game fixed the issues I was having on my iPad. I was playing with the field totally black and the towers and bridges invisible. I also had a problem where the game would disconnect after 1-3 matches and the game wouldn't relaunch until my iPad cooled down again.
    I still love the game even when it had problems but it's much better fixed.

    • Gamer1st

      And I haven't paid them a penny so far. If I keep playing it I'll pay for something once but that's my limit on games like these.

      • speedyph

        Yea I feel the same way

  • H4nd0fg0d

    Been playing it for bout a week and a half. It doesn't do much for me, kind of boring rlly. Can't grasp the hype.

  • korkidog

    Don't like this type of game at all, but obviously, lots of people do.

  • Themagicjesus

    So the people who are already spending thousands of dollars to be the top of the leaderboard are gonna have even more time? No thanks. I'll skip this like all freemium games.

  • phonecats

    They can not kill the X Bow. It could take 10 seconds to deploy and I'll still use it. <3

    • DemoEvolved

      You shall have half your wish

    • Modjular

      If you believe in it, then anything is possible

  • Diegan

    Anybody knows if I will be able to transfer my account from my current newzealand account to my main US one once the game is live in USA?

    • crowdsofpeople

      I think game progress is connected to Game Center rather than your iTunes account. So you should be in the same place when you download the game from the US store. (I really hope that's the case...)

  • veryggyy

    Supercell needs to tell players: This game is based on "pay to play"

    • Modjular

      Have you played it? As far as F2P games go, Supercell has always been incredibly fair when giving players the choice to pay, and Clash Royale is no exception.

      • Themagicjesus

        Ha, okay sure


      • Eli Hodapp

        Of course he hasn't played it.

      • spedav

        I agree. I think supercell has one of the most fair f2p models of all the big shots. I was playing for the first 2 weeks or so without spending any real money. I liked the game a lot so I got a $10 gem purchase that lasted me about 2 weeks. Never felt like I had to buy anything in their games.

        FF Record Realm is the only big f2p game I can think that is more fair to free players.

      • veryggyy

        I've played the game about three days! sorry about my last post !

  • irettillib

    I really don't have an issue with the P2P element here. Yes, you'll climb the ranks faster if you spend money, but the matchmaking prevents unfair battles. Ultimately, paying just gives you the option to reach endgame battles more quickly. If you choose not to pay, you'll gradually unlock cards, level up, and eventually reach endgame battles after a lot of playing. The experience is unchanged, you can just choose to climb the ladder for a month or take the elevator for $20. Of course, that month of climbing is going to help out a lot when you finally get to the top.

  • rewind

    That was very quick. Considering boom beach was in soft launch for an entire 6 months. I expected april to may or later, but hey, i don't care too much. Better to open it to everyone than have us all be so far ahead by the time it's released everywhere.