The saga of The Binding of Isaac for iOS has been a coy saga full of tweets by Nicalis' Tyrone Rodriguez talking about the game but speaking in riddles and jokes. But each tweet has gotten us closer to the seeming truth that Binding of Isaac for iOS exists, and it's actually happening. Well, I have good news and bad news. The good news is that thanks to a screenshot Rodriguez tweeted, Binding of Isaac for iOS isn't just some big goof. The bad news is that Apple rejected it for rule 15.2: "Your app contains content or features that depict violence towards, or abuse of children, which is not allowed on the App."

Umm...that's gonna be a tough one to get around since Isaac is a child, and, well, he's kind of the protagonist. So, either Apple's gonna have to let this one slide, the game's not going to happen, or prepare for Isaac to magically become 18 in the iOS version?

  • luckystrikeguy

    How lame. Hope it works out but somehow i don't see their being much of a chance.

    • VirtualBoyFreak

      Isaac's not really a baby, he's a 30-year old guy with babyish mentality trapped in a baby body because some A-Fruit Gen Inc. member played with his mom's genes trying to obtain the key to the eternal youth and Isaac was born with a growth problem. They found the eternal youth source! But the problem was that it didn't allow Isaac to develop any further than a baby-form... But I insist, he's 30 and the game's not breaking any Apple rule... ๐Ÿ˜€

      • HebCast

        This is brilliant xD

  • RandallPeek

    What about Pocket Mortys? He's underage, right?

    • FRnchFRy

      No sorry. That's a f2p game. If Binding of Isaac was looking to get on to the AppStore, it will have to be Clash of Isaac. The rules only apply to quality games. (Sorry if I offended Pocket Mortys fans)

    • Stevoisiak

      To be fair, Pocket Mortys isn't nearly as dark and graphic as Issac.

  • mrktrx

    Cydia store

    • mrktrx

      They have already made the game so it's worth a try

  • Eric

    Really hoping they can get around this.

  • luckystrikeguy

    I really don't know what they could do that would make apple think differently. The game (based on what you find offensive) is basically offensive and on purpose. Hey but anime chicks with short skirts and big titts or shooting another human character in the face with a shotgun is ok. I don't get it.

    • nini

      I would like to see this game you speak of

      • Nekku

        Must be Sword Of Chaos which was recently released.

      • Fieryseraph

        See: Tanto Cuore.

  • borb86

    This has been the only game I've wanted ported forever now I'm heartbroken.

  • Gurney Halleck

    Well here's to a nice clear double standard for Apple to perch on for an indefinite period of time... About time to start a petition drive clarifying the obvious satiric premise and deliberate social commentary addressing the child abuse of subjecting a child to the fundamentalist beliefs of a certain organized religion... Tut tut..

    America deserves The Binding of Isaac on iOS!!!

  • pizzapoke

    Rip in peace, hopefully they can find a way to untrigger Apple

    • Michael Jarvis

      Rest in peace ... In peace?

  • misfitskater6

    As if there are no other games on the App Store that have baby characters that can face harm in some fashion. This is pretty stupid, I really hope the devs can get something worked out and get it released.

  • JudasKain

    We have games where characters who look like babies are carrying axes, automatic weapons, and explosives. They mete out carnage and the massacre of livestock, aliens, zombies, "terrorists" and cause untold destruction of property.

    You're telling me that violence toward a mass of baby goop is forbidden? Absolute hypocrisy.

    • razorracer83

      Sad thing is, Nintendo is a lot more family friendly than Apple, yet even they let this game go on the New 3DS. Apple is doing an incredible job of making themselves look like fools lately.

    • gmattergames

      Words out of my mouth

  • jsrco

    Doesn't bit.dungeon 2 have the same type of enemies that are practically embryo babies in a demon womb that look like human fetus'?

    • Based Xatu

      I don't know how that game passed their standards at all.

  • Mince0

    Many f2p games characters are children involved in some violence. I'm also sure some final fantasy games characters are under 18?

    • Mince0

      The Cartoon Network powerpuff girls game also comes to mind.

  • luckystrikeguy

    But their not walking vaginas that shoot lasers lol

  • HeavenAndHell

    So does this mean that it will have a chance to come on Android? Yay!

  • madreviewer

    Apple doing there best- iOS gaming IS THE FUTURE OF GAMING?

  • Dustin Brooks

    Apple seriously?! YOU need to let this game make it on the App Store, it's a Gem, I'm sure Apple can let this game slide on the store like seriously.

  • Taeles

    Unfortunately if apple calls out that particular rule, this game has zero chance of ever making it on our devices. Its really hard to argue that it dosent touch on that rule. We can hope for an exception but i doubt it, apple would open themselves up to all sorts of more serious apps trying to get in.

    • FledgeFish

      You're probably right but I hope you're wrong. I mean, Nintendo eventually warmed up to it so who knows?

      • Taeles

        i definitely agree, would love this game on ios ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Sup?

    I hate Apple right now.
    Like for real.

  • ra51

    Seen this coming a mile away. And....people are surprised about this?

    • nini

      It's a rejection I saw too but never mind that, a real gamer's game got rejected! Let's just blame it on F2P because isn't everything the fault of an inbuilt hatred of true core gamers?

    • HebCast

      I feel like if the game had a huge backlash when it first came out (on PC), then yes, trying to bring it to iOS would be a lost cause. However, since its very popular (enough to make a 'rebirth'), then why not capitalize and make some money off this game by allowing the port?

  • Adams Immersive

    Long past time for Apple to put games on the same footing as music and movies.

    • HelperMonkey


  • DemoEvolved

    Apple doesn't need this game. The game is crass and perverse, on purpose. Sure the underpinnings of the game are good design, but these guys make a living off games about fetuses and open wounds. Some people are into that.

    • FledgeFish

      I think people who want to be able to play it should have the option though. If it offends you, don't buy it and support the devs.

      • bilboad

        People do have the option, on non-iOS devices. I'm not defending Apple's rejection, but just saying it's not a case of censorship, just a business decision on Apple's part.

      • houseofg

        It's absolutely censorship. But as a private company they have that right.

  • Sebastian Gomez

    Are the little girls from Bioshock actually short adults with giant syringes tied to their arms?

    I think my comment will make Apple hold back on Bioshock's comeback if it ever gets submitted.

    • michaelfields

      Bioshock is on the Mac AppStore and I'm pretty sure on iPad as well.

      • Sebastian Gomez

        It's currently broken on current iOS versions and only people who purchased can download it as of now, because it was removed from the AppStore.

  • zatoichi

    Ummmm...limbo? Child impaled by giant spider's leg...decapitated by bear trap...

    • dancj

      Exactly the one that sprung to my mind. Of course Plague Inc has you trying to wipe out the entire planet. The main character in Bastion looks pretty young.

    • Kristof-Karolj Bodric

      Been scrolling for this one.

      • speedyph

        Great point forgot about limbo ๐Ÿ˜‘๐Ÿ˜‘๐Ÿ˜‘๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ณso they should let this one thru!!!!!!!

    • one.sixty.four

      One game has a heavily stylized protagonist that is hurt by his surroundings, the other is a young child abused by his mother. Difference? I think so.

  • FledgeFish


  • istako

    Everyone, it is time for us to spam until it gets released. This cant happen.

  • SaKo

    And people say Nintendo's the one with strict guidelines.

  • dabbed

    So i can play games with massive amounts of cruelty to animals but i can't play as a baby boy.

  • scrotally

    Yay needless censorship!

  • MarsMachine

    That is why my baby pets in crashlands can't get hurt! But seriously this sucks, looks like I will have to get the steam version in the meantime.

  • dalglir

    Loving the surprise weekend posts, by the way!

  • Weisse

    Apple are so far up their backside. Trying to approve a title though the app store you have to PC Bro! Rather than have actual age restriction they rather censor what they deem unsuitable, they have done with games based on historical events like the American Civil War with the confederate flag. So, rather than have a critically acclaimed game, enjoyed and wanted by gamers on their store, it's ok for them to approve games ripped off other other games and complete shovelware tripe. Nice one Apple!

  • JudasKain

    Toucharcade, pls release the pictures of the Apple censorship committee. They should make wonderful dartboards.

  • hil

    Another day, another reason to consider what all my programmer and IT friends keep telling me: "Next time you buy a new smartphone, don't buy Apple. It will take some time, but you'll love it eventually."
    I always defended Apple. But it gets harder almost every day.

    • Dankrio

      Same here. Apple no more. For real!

    • Edwin Ramirez

      It is hard at first. Even harder when you have a considerable big library of games that will no longer work. But a few weeks later and you'll be asking yourself why you didn't jump platforms earlier.

  • HelperMonkey

    Imagine if Apple knew how to filter for quality instead of content.

    • HelperMonkey

      I mean, seriously, the AppStore is a junk yard with some very nice objects scattered amidst the heaps of trash. But they emphasize the sheer quantity of stuff as if that were their primary goal. They seem to keep out some great things just so they can encourage consumers by saying that it's safe to swim through the garbage because, no matter if it stinks, nothing has any pointy edges.

      Come on, Apple. You have a "closed system" for a reason, right? What's that reason?

      • powlicious


        Did you ever....ever looked into another App Store than the AppStore? If its full of junk, wtf are the other stores then? The incarnation of junk itself?

  • mark_sab

    Apple appears to have great difficulty understanding context in video game culture, perhaps as a consequence of Steve Jobs distaste for the form.

    This calls to mind the Ultimate General: Gettysburg incident, where Apple apparently acted to remove a title because they didn't understand that wargames use flags to represent opposing factions, and that doing so doesn't imply endorsement.

    It should be noted that just as Apple was quite happy to sell Gone with the Wind while pulling a war game, they are also happy to take your $12 and sell you Nabokov's Lolita.

  • Bari

    oh my... as the developer of Kill the Plumber and having experience this rejection, I know you only have to abide by their rules. So it's either he becomes 18 and resubmit as new title.

  • Qaioud

    Same reason Limbo got three-starred?

  • Dankrio

    I quit Apple. Really.

  • Vincent Bondy

    Apple has no problem with Limbo, but Isaac is out?

    • Milotorou

      And what about dont starve ? I guess a kid dying from starvation and killed by monsters isnt "violent" enough ?

    • one.sixty.four

      It's the fact that this game depicts domestic abuse, whereas limbo and don't starve's protagonists are simply hurt by their environment in an unrealistic manner. Abuse is such a truly dark and disturbing topic, I think it's pretty gross anyone would make a game about it.

      • Vincent Bondy

        It's a grim topic, certainly, but I don't know that censoring a work of fiction that touches upon a real-world grotesquerie is the most constructive response.

      • one.sixty.four

        Agreed, but the fact that the topic is used as a form of entertainment, that seems pretty messed up.

      • YARRRRR

        Is this "domestic abuse" argument supported by any source, or is it just your presumption?

      • one.sixty.four

        Just my presumption, but I don't think it could be too far off.

      • Dragontears969

        It's not like the game is about trying to abuse a child. Quite the contrary. It is about Isaac trying to escape his extremely religious and controlling mother. I'm trying to remember if there was any actual items or references to her being physically abusive, other than fighting her as a boss. Also, how the hell did the GTA games make it on Apple? I know it isn't the same criteria, but those games seem excessively violent and yet they got through.

  • Delusionaltool

    Such fn bs Apple. Double standard there are tons of rated m trash in the app store. If apple does not release this i will switch to android I am done. Just very pissed off right now

  • Tubatic

    Palette swap him to green, include an option to change it back: he's an alien!

    And/or quick dub a line in the intro video where Isaac is explained to be 18. Easy!

    • teknalb

      This seems like the easiest solution, besides Apple not being tight asses.

  • Edwin Ramirez

    Well. There is always Android. iOS exclusivity is becomingvless and less attractive.

  • Chris Yeoh

    With thousands of games & apps submitted for approval every single day, I would think there's an automated system to initially approve or reject apps, so that the little team of humans in charge of this would be able to keep up with the volume. Pretty sure it's a little team and not a building of a thousand app reviewers. And the team reacts to app-reject appeals instead so it's actually humanly possible, manageable, and productive this way. Point being that it's pointless for people to get angry at Apple or the team. Let the process work itself out. Takes time, ya know.

  • Heisenberg

    Special iOS edition: The Binding of Steve Jobs: Rebirth

  • TheGodless

    I can think of dozens of games with child protagonists that get attacked and hurt by monsters and can even be killed if the monsters aren't defeated or escaped from. I'm thinking that Apple is using the rule to cover up their real reason for denying the game and I've got a strong suspicion that's it due to the religious aspects of the game and Apple not wanting to offend people. I mean, we are talking about a company that refuses to treat their customers as equals by continuing to give Christians the special privilege of having their own sections on iTunes. Yes, I know it's a standard practice of many online and brick and mortar music stores and of many other businesses, but who is it going to hurt, besides a few fundamentalist Christian sensibilities, to give other religions and non-religious folks their own sections?

  • one.sixty.four

    I'm not surprised. Personally, I think that the tone is so dark and disturbing that I'm supposed that it was only given an M on other platforms.

    • one.sixty.four


      • SonixManix

        Lol your correction was misspelled btw, it is surprised

      • one.sixty.four

        Haha, didn't catch that. I spelled it right the first time, lol.

  • Mist17


  • hauer


  • Deckard74

    This will never be released on IOS period. It's far too dark and disturbing and I can see the reasons why Apple chose not to let it through, it's all so easy to blame the big guys but the subject matter for this game really is out there. I also don't see the developers compromising and making Isaac 18, that's just ridiculous and completely detracts from the main theme of the game.

    • Dankrio

      If people are offended, they dob't play. It is as simple as that. But censorship? Come on!

      • Deckard74

        Yes this is true but at the end of the day Apple are thinking about their business model, it may suck but that's sadly what it boils down to at the end of the day. There's also the religious tones to this game which I think has made Apple veto the release of this on IOS, could you imagine the press getting a hold of this if it was released? Pitchforks would be primed!

        Besides this is all by and by for the developers as it's readily available on Steam and this furore will inevitably achieve The Streisand Effect which is an actual thing, have a Google. All publicity is good publicity!

      • Joe Burkett

        its on a Nintendo childs system a 3ds. It is on Wii u, it is on ps4, ps3, 360, xb1, pc.... would be a huge mistake on apples part if they dont like money of course... Apple the biggest group of Hippocrates

    • Joe Burkett

      rofl dark and disturbing? play the Walking dead avail in the app store zombies try to eat a child who is the main character trying to survive a zombie apoc. , children are zombies? its so disturbing having a top head over view of a child firing tears from his eyes who also has poison and some bad gas not to mention flys that shoot bullets or flys that are body guards who also shoots bullets? or grabbing an item that turns you into a ram? or growing wings to fly cause you know this is a reality where that can happen. Or how about Limbo your a child and you die almost every screen on some of the puzzles and sometimes a horrible death. But its a video game a form of art. There is no ounce of realism here and its rated M for a reason mainly the subject matter if parents dont want their kids to buy it be better parents maybe? monitor what your kid is playing? how about that why have a rating system in place if crap like this Apple pulls? offended? dont play it?

  • Stormourner of the Nature

    Gamer: why do you reject blood?
    Apple Staff: because of kids

    Gamer: why do you reject violence?
    Apple Staff: because of kids

    Gamer: why do you reject nudity?
    Apple Staff: because of kids

    Gamer: why do you reject guns?
    Apple Staff: because of kids

    Gamer: why do you reject offensive languages?
    Apple Staff: because of kids

  • Joe Burkett

    so its ok for The Walking Dead games and have zombies eat children? or have zombie children eating people? it is ok for people in GTA to sleep with a prostitute for money than go and kill them and take the money back?? so its not ok to shoot random nonsense with tears from your eyes that are poison while a needed sticks out of the back your skull for a speedboost and a pet poop that attacks enemies not to mention you are surronded by spiders that also attack for you? this stuff is not ok? something that is not even realistic and its top down view , it is rated M for a reason parents dont download for your kids? oh your kids play GTA and that is ok? the other thing this game is on a kids hand held in a Nintendo 3ds or PS vita? Apple needs to get their hypocritical heads out of their asses.

  • Design by Adrian

    It was rejected by Nintendo as well. Apple and Nintendo both are too politically correct in order to save their own skin, but they also have the right to be.

    • Joe Burkett

      accept nintendo got past it and released it. why ? cause it makes money. plus there are more violent games out there.

    • Stormourner of the Nature

      saving their own skins? nope they're saving kids.....uugh

      • Dragontears969

        If they want to save kids, then make it so that kids can't download mature games. If that is already a feature, than it is the parents fault for letting their kids download mature games. There is a mature rating for a reason and if parental controls aren't in place to prevent mature titles from being downloaded that sounds like what Apple should be addressing and not keeping games out because they are "offensive". Yes, BoI is offensive. That is part of its charm. There is no other game quite like it which is why it is such an intriguing game to play. Don't censor a game because of cartoon violence, even if it is outrageous cartoon violence, when you can do just as much with other more realistic games.

      • Stormourner of the Nature

        sadly not every parents use parental control and they don't care about the mature rating, as soon as their kids downloading any mature games they will go into a panic mode, I don't blame the kids for the problem because it's always their parent's fault

    • MARl0

      Nintendo let it pass. They rejected it at first, but then let it pass in the end.

  • thestapler

    fucking app store

  • triangle33

    What about Happy Wheels? Is a child exploding to spitherenes beyond repair ok to have on the App Store? I wonder what Apple is thinking..

  • triangle33

    Actually, take a look at the one and only Crossy Road. There are young characters such as the school girl, elf, and birthday boy that cross a road only to meet death head on when they are hit by cars and trains, fall and drown in rivers, or are eaten by eagles or crocodiles. That sure seems like a kid friendly game.

  • hauer

    fook this game

  • LordGek

    Gee, the same folk who removed all apps with confederate flags are sure as heck not going to allow something this politically incorrect on their pristine servers!

  • adoblu

    Can you guys get in touch with Tyrone to see what's up with the iOS port it's been awhile and there hasn't been any news