AppRecs has launched a really interesting service, one that filters out what they refer to as "untrustworthy" reviews to get a better picture of how actual users feel about an app or game on the App Store. They explain a lot about their metrics and how they classify the trustworthiness of a review. Organic reviews and gently requested ones are considered trustworthy, with "aggressively requested" reviews considered untrustworthy, down to reward-driven and paid reviews. While AppRecs points out that the occasional review request aren't necessarily unbiased, it's allowed and "and can serve to counteract the phenomenon where users with negative feelings are more vocal than others." So, that's why they are considered still somewhat genuine in the system. The whole blog post is worth a read as this is a fascinating service.


So, after you filter out all the untrustworthy reviews, what's the best game on the App Store? Well, through a combination of high ratings and many reviews, it's none other than Kim Kardashian: Hollywood [Free]. That's right, Fallout Shelter [Free] needs to do a better job at keeping up with the Kardashians.

  • Sandalfo

    if that's the best other reviews sites can come up with, toucharcade will remain #1 for mobile game reviews

    • Zangar

      Touch Arcade is number one! Only site I look at for my mobile gaming needs.

      • darkich

        I strongly recommend Pocket Meta. Really something special there

  • AppUnwrapper

    How long have you been waiting to use that line, Carter? 😛

  • Timmy2x

    Beg to differ, I call BS :0)

  • TouchMint

    For real tho I cant think of anything worse than this game. Scam freedom app about a pile of trash attention whore?

    • Eli Hodapp

      People who play it seem to enjoy it, different strokes for different folks and all.

      • TouchMint

        Haha yea I hear you I know people love it. My roommate watches and plays nonstop! cant get away from it!

        it does surprise me that those are all considered legit reviews tho.

      • nini

        Fans are dedicated if they love something enough, I figure if there's going to be one app that'll have people eagerly reviewing it even if to tell you it's great in a style sorta like that of speedyph it'll be the one led by someone who knows how to play the publicity game,

  • Aragorn01

    I'll stick to TA

  • Maradin

    Toucharcade for life , the only place that cured my
    gaming addiction when i dint gaming lol.
    Btw could u guys put some review or just news
    would be good enough for some popular asian game?
    I miss games that come out from asian part like Game of Dice when someone posted it in forum recently although that ganes already launch for months.

  • Thiago

    So that means that the high rating of this Kardashian game is unbiased? I'm surprised, I always tought it was the work of bots...

  • Stormourner of the Nature

    everyone should watch GradeAUnderA's video about Kardashians