If you're into the spectator sport of watching the ebb and flow of the video game industry, Nintendo's foray into smartphone gaming is your Super Bowl. Per a recent report by The Wall Street Journal, Nintendo's net third quarter profits fell 36%, largely due to a complete lack of any real blockbuster titles released in that time period. The previously announced smartphone social network / communication app Miitomo left both gamers and investors disappointed, which shifts a lot of the focus for Nintendo's future into their second smartphone title (or first game) which is said to "feature one of the company’s best-known characters."


On the topic of Miitomo, Nintendo and DeNA are expected to get underway with prelaunch plans soon. If you haven't seen how DeNA and other free to play outfits prelaunch titles, it often comes with a registration page that you sign up on with your email address and then both get notified when the game is launched as well as get a tiny in-game bonus for doing so. It's also possible that Miitomo will soft launch somewhere similarly soon.

I almost feel like we should start some kind of betting pool on which one of Nintendo's "best-known characters" the new game focuses on. Previous speculation surrounding Nintendo's smartphone efforts suggested that they'd potentially ramp up slowly before bringing their big IP over to mobile, but it's hard to say if the disappointment surrounding the Miitomo announcement sped up plans, or if this was in the cards all along.

The other big question is how these smartphone titles will play into Nintendo's future NX platform, which seems to be surrounded by so many rumors that you can basically make up anything plausible about the system and people will believe it. Anyway, I'm hoping for a Zelda game, but it probably is more realistic to think we'll see Mario. What do you guys think? Drop a comment below and we'll see who was right when more information is revealed.

[via The Wall Street Journal]

  • 김지 킫밸

    Mario is a safe bet. They see their stock dropping and they want their investors to know their making good choices now, or they'll lose them. So Mario iOS launch and Miitomo should have the first Mario game for nes on it. I'm calling it now just in case but I'm mostly wrong I think

    • bigrand1

      I gotta go with this too! Mario is their man, and that's what I wanna see, so I hope that's who it is!

  • speedyph

    This is easy Eli ITS MARIO 👮WHO else would they promote as a first time on smart phones not YOSHI🐸🐸🐸or BOWSER LOL 🦁🦁🦁

    • FrehleyzComet

      Agreed, BUT Nintendo's track record of decision making isn't that stellar as of late. Otherwise they wouldn't be in this financial state.

  • macatron

    "Nintendo's net third quarter profits fell 36%"

    Is this where we all say I told you so?!? LOL! 😀 As for the character, I'm really hoping for Link as well, but I'm sure it'll be Mario.

    • rayray307

      You have to pull the slingshot back before u can let it rip.

  • spader623

    Mario or link sounds like the best bet. Yeah not surprising profits fell so much. They released some really meh stuff. Their delay of starfox and Zelda really hurt them

  • http://ztj.io/ Zachery Jensen

    I'm going to make a less obvious guess and say it's going to be Kirby with a mobile remake of that kirby game where kirby is turned into a ball and you have to draw these rainbow lines that propel him... er.... Kirby: Canvas Curse. Yeah. That.

  • TouchMint

    Thats what I am talking about... unless its a match 3 game then they can go f**** themselves.

    • Carlos Fagundes

      Agree with You!

    • Alexythimia23


  • TouchMint

    Even with the pressure I dont think they are going to toss their top IP in there. I dont think we will see mario or zelda it would be smart but Nintendo is extremely stubborn and doesnt want to face reality.

    • Carlos Fagundes

      Yeap, bring emulated games to us, like the sonic's games!

      • Spore Productions

        Yeah but they would screw that up too, like pricing "Balloon Fight" as. $5 game and more for their better classic games. They are stuck in an outdated paradigm.

  • Wizard_Mike

    "One of the company's best known characters." That leaves some room for interpretation. Best known to long-time Nintendo fans, or best known to the general public? If the general public, do they mean in Japan, or globally? Depending on which demographic you use, you will get different lists of which characters are Nintendo's "best known". There are plenty of people in the U.S. who don't associate Pikachu as a Nintendo branded character (they just think it's a cartoon), and there are more that don't even know who Samus is at all, yet I, personally, would consider them among Nintendo's best known characters. Guess we'll just have to wait and see who it is. I'm not expecting anything spectacular, though.

    • cloudpuff

      I was thinking pikachu too.

      • Tallgeese

        pika p!

    • OutSpoken

      which is why Mario would be the logical choice- as globally he's the most recognisable ip.

  • Gegoben

    Goin with Mario!

  • Hoodin

    What would blow my mind would be a collection of Mario Party/Wario Ware type mini games! Imagine a Free to Play Mario Party game where you could purchase individual game boards à la carte.

    Zelda match-3 is probs what we're getting though :p

    • Jason Flor Flook

      I like this idea, although part of the allure of Mario Party was playing with your friends. Then playing grab bag with them in Mario Party 1, and wondering what were they smoking when they made this game for kids?

  • Fangbone

    Whoever it is, whatever it is I don't know but I'm pumped! Let's face it, Nintendo still makes the best games anywhere, anytime, any platform.

  • sobriquet

    With DeNA at the helm I'm not sure anything they release is going to be worth it. Unless they break their long standing pay-to-win formula that is.

    I'm still holding out for a Super Mario 3 port but with that they'll need to nail those controls or it will be a mess. So I guess I'm voting for Mario. You can already buy SM3 on the Wii store for around five bucks so they wouldn't even have to undercut that price to fit in with the AppStore user expectations of cheap games. I can already see them turning the coins into in game currency and charging for them. Oh damn, this is going to make me sad.

    • H4nd0fg0d

      Yup, I'm betting this is going to take a turn for the worse. Betting big. Not foreseeing premium anything.

  • Quix

    I'm kinda flowing on the Pokemon Go hype...
    Nintendo & Niantic promised an early 2016 launch, 27 februari Pokemon exists twenty years and the Superbowl has a 'Pokemon add'.

    I'm (hoping for) guessing Pikachu as the famous character.

  • nini

    Whatever it is, the purists will not be pleased, they never truly can be.

    • sobriquet

      That's what makes them purists.

      • Tallgeese

        my god he's right

  • tex32

    With Nintendo's track record as of late, I think it's best we keep our expectations ridiculously low as to not experience another total letdown when Nintendo unveils its "big news" 🙂

    • timmfox

      Agreed. I love Nintendo products but most of the time I just scratch my head and say WTF when they make marketing decisions.

    • Yearoftherat

      Not going to hold my breathe and expect too much from Nintendo. Whatever they decide, if the game is greedy freemium based like some other companies( ehem..Sega, EA), I'm going to pass. I'd rather pay for a game outright than have my wallet owned.

  • Bliquid

    My bet is Dr. Mario.
    Match 3 + Mario.
    It couldn't get safer.
    Nor more uninteresting.

  • imuddy

    Pokemon red/blue on IOS $19.99 each. I don't understand why they are not doing it. It is not like an 9 year old with the latest DS will go out and get pokemon red.

    • BTA

      They're coming out at the end of this month for $10 each on the 3DS virtual console (with wireless linking added), so that is in fact possible!

  • one.sixty.four

    I'm not sure how I feel about this, as it could be damaging to nintendo's reputability. I just hope the NX doesn't focus on this type of stuff and instead sticks to what makes Nintendo games so fantastic.

  • Edwin Ramirez

    It'll probably be a match three game with Nintendo characters faces

  • NickyNichols

    With Miitomo coming out its obvious they aren't taking this platform seriously. Everyone is expecting something of quality like Super Mario Bros Mobile but what we are going to actually get is a F2P Mario Slots game. Be prepared for disappointment.

  • curtisrshideler

    If it's a Mario port designed for a touch screen, I'm interested. If it's a F2P Mario wanna-be, then I won't be touching it. Nintendo would make money selling ports or remakes. And that would be a safe option. But I just don't think they'll do it, which will leave everyone who likes the classics to use the ROMs instead. And that would be a waste of an opportunity to make some quick, easy profits.

  • Carlos Fagundes

    Do like Squenix, bring the best games to us and you gona make a lot of money!!!

    • macatron

      Exactly! I wonder how much longer they can ignore this. If they'd only port over some of their classics, their profits would literary go through the roof. Seems stupid and big headed of them to not see this.

    • Agkelos

      This exactly. I really can't understand why Nintendo is so resistant to this. They currently have such a huge fan base that aren't kids living off of mommy and daddy's weekly allowances (by which I mean the fan base that has grown up with Nintendo since the 80s and 90s and maybe even earlier, and are mostly now holding a steady income). They would make a killing if they just start porting from the very beginning. If they make the price the same or maybe just a $1or $2 more than they offer on their own platforms, I really can't see how they can lose money in the long run. I know the reason for their resistance to moving into mobile is because they don't want their own handhelds to drop into obscurity, but it's not like they have to release brand new games on the iOS for them to make a profit. They could keep all brand new games exclusive to their own system and just starting porting over the old stuff. Their backlog is so huge, I doubt they would be short of options.

      • Tallgeese

        Nintendo and Sony don't... er... Didn't want to lose their DS and Vita share of the market. They haven't evolved either enough to compete with the Apple and Android disruptors though...

  • Modjular

    I imagine the Nintendo executives sweating in the boardroom. "A 36% drop in profits... It's time call on Mario"

  • louisa

    Mario seems a safe enough bet but I'd love to see donkey kong!

    • sobriquet

      Go call. We would get both characters in one game, and a good one at that.

      • sobriquet

        Shoot, that should be "good call".

  • Alexythimia23

    You can take it to the bank, there games wll be 100% free to play, all of them. There is no way a company declining in profits as Nintendo will take any road other then mass market free to play games which are, as lets face it guys we are defo the minority so they will not be catering to us 😟 just imagine there board room meeting when they are considering the toss between premium and free to play! Can u see those stiff suits saying, well those boys at touch arcade will carry our company into the mobile age lol HELL NO...wish i didnt think so negative but i really cannot see any other outcome, i even dont think any of the games will resonate with the more mature gamer who is looking for real big deep gaming experiences...sighs.

  • zatoichi

    Guaranteed to be a full on, premium, metroid prime follow up. 😉

    • zatoichi

      Although, if the want to make some revenue, they should just release an official emulator suite for iOS and a branded mifi controller.

  • appalachia

    With some of the weird decision making going on in the company I feel like a Yoshi or Kirby game are most likely. I'd be pumped for a Yoshi's Island type game, but I've never really cared about Kirby, so it'll probably be a Kirby game.

  • DemoEvolved

    Step One: Buy Get Set Games
    Step Two: Reskin Mega Run to be Mario

  • boydstr

    If "Nintendo" releases their well none IP's on iOS things would quickly will turn around the lack off overall support from 3party developers is what I thinking the biggest problem for Nintendo.

  • Dav-Gro

    I do not understand some of these companies. I am a big fan of innovation but Pokeman has been a gold mine for Nintendo all this time. They could easily to HD remakes of the original series starting with 1-151. The games are still huge on 3DS and would allow it to be even more popular going mobile. Maybe I am wrong but I feel, its obvious. Also, even though I hate it f2p strategies I feel Pokemon could be a good platform for it. I do wish they would follow in the steps of Square/Enix and go premium.

  • Dragontears969

    The biggest problem I see with Nintendo going freemium is that they have always marketed themselves as a "family" gaming company. They are the kid friendly company and that does not gel well with f2p. And technically there already is a f2p Pokemon game on iOS, with Pokemon Shuffle, which they made harder and more cash hungry than the same game on the 3DS. I just think that making games aimed at kids that are f2p is reprehensible, and if Nintendo goes that route, they could seriously damage their reputation.