As pretty much anyone who even just casually follows iOS gaming knows by now, last week brought the release of Crashlands [$6.99], an ambitious open-world action-crafting-adventure from the three brothers at Butterscotch Shenanigans. Not only was Crashlands born out of an inspirational story of facing and defeating cancer, but the game itself fully lived up to the hype and I don't think I've ever seen a mobile game (or any video game, really) that's been as universally loved as this one. Anyway, with the launch date finally coming and going, and Crashlands officially out there in the wild, the Butterscotch Bros. penned a quick blog post over the weekend with a few thoughts on where they're heading with the game's forthcoming updates.

First out of the gate is a requisite bug fix patch, which may not sound all that exciting but is an important step in a game's lifespan. For how big and complex Crashlands is, I'm honestly very surprised at how few bugs have been brought up, but as any developer will tell you there simply isn't a video game that will ever launch that will be 100% bug free. This update will fix the known bugs and tighten things up all around, and Butterscotch expects to submit that by the middle of this week.

The update after that will be a "quality of life" update which will add some additional features just to make the entire Crashlands experience as friendly as possible to its players. Butterscotch isn't giving any details on what this might entail, but I'd imagine this will include things like a more user-friendly map or maybe a more robust quest log. Crashlands is pretty much the most user-friendly game in existence as it is, but sometimes things don't occur to a developer until thousands and thousands of players are putting a game through the wringer, and there's always room to make things even better than they were before.

The third update mentioned on Butterscotch's blog is by far the most exciting. As you might have heard, during development Butterscotch decided to create an editor of sorts for Crashlands which would more or less allow people to create their own worlds and campaigns. It's known as the Crashlands Creator. It was such an ambitious idea that it didn't quite make it in for launch, but it's still coming and it's going to be awesome. Straight from The Bros.' mouths:

"The Crashlands Creator patch will add a bunch of new toys, and will also feature player access to other player-made campaigns, which can also include weird mutators like permadeath, the removal of crafting entirely (WHAT), permanent night, one-shot deaths 100% of the time, and creatures murdering each other. These mutators won't affect the official campaign, but other players will be able to use them in the campaigns that they create."


As if Crashlands wasn't already this freakishly massive game, now there will be basically unlimited new worlds and quests to explore if the creative community gets involved in all this. Unfortunately there's no word on when the Crashlands Creator update will be coming, but expect the Butterscotch Bros. to keep everyone well informed of its progress. To be honest they can take all the darn time they want, as my hands are still more than full with the current Crashlands campaign. For even more information, news, help and discussion on Crashlands, be sure to visit the extremely active forum thread.

  • Slimwiggins

    Love this game. I prefer it to Don't Starve. Got it for me and my kids. I like how easy it is to get into it and cloud saves!

  • Bohampscious


    • spsummer

      G.O.T.F.Y 2016

      • David Pickles

        you know that can sound like go out to f'k yourself ? 😉 😉

  • Samurix16

    Can't wait

  • Samurix16

    Already put 11 hours into this game

  • HelperMonkey

    So where am I supposed to put the sixth star in my review?

  • Spudboy

    Okay I bought it. Now make me happy 8)

  • DemoEvolved

    Does this have multiplayer? I can't figure how to connect

    • Samurix16

      Sadly does not have multiplayer

      • ZeeMonkeyMan

        Doesn't need it

      • Kelsop23

        They already stated the don't want to at all

    • Kehshsidhdudh5

      Not as of now.

  • Iyka

    Take all the time you guys need, i havent even reached the bawg area yet and i've put 16 hrs into the game already! Nuts!

  • Herbert Derps

    I'm so thrilled to read about this. Amazing game.

  • Spudboy

    How do you read any of the text on a phone? I need glasses I guess :/

    • Poo

      If I'm not mistaken there is a button either on the title screen or in the options that changes how much you can see and the text gets smaller the "more" you want to see.

      • Spudboy

        Thanks buddy! Now I can play this thing.

  • gakuka

    GOTY contender for sure, has my vote

  • InTheAir

    Completely forgot about the editor, thought my life couldn't be more ruined after Geometry Dash.

  • Zendorphin

    This game needs to be rated 6 stars or a platinum shiny kitty.

    And this Creator announcement is so fantastic. Wish these guys had a Patreon so I could sling them $10 a month or something.

    • darnoc703

      You could always buy it off Steam! ($15)

      • curtisrshideler

        Yup. The game and the soundtrack for $20!

  • imdakine1

    Game of the century! I'm assuming the creator addition will be also for iOS?

    • Syrik_Zero

      A great question! Is the mobile version missing anything that the Steam version has?

      Regardless, I love this game as well. I've spent countless hours in it. Far more than I ever normally spend on a mobile game.

      • jfrank7

        Both versions are exactly the same

  • Nekku

    That's basically the best 'end game' someone could ask for.

  • ste86uk

    12 hours in and still look forward to whenever I get a chance to play more

  • SuyinRei

    This game is so awesome and so is the ButterScotch team.

  • Michael Gevins

    This game is great and funny, in the Bawg area, and it's hilarious and deadly. Things I'd like to see are an actual inventory list, better quest status, and maybe a little less on the danger level at night in the Bawg, spawn rate is out of control.

  • Dan Cooke

    Would buy on Xbox if they had it. It's that good

    • Joe Burkett

      or PS4 they need this game on consoles it would sell! its so amazingly good. maybe if enough people buy it on steam and on ios they will get a console version out?!?!?!?!?! one can dream 😀

  • retrogiant

    How is this game on devices like the 6S? Enough room or are things really crammed?

    • Joe Burkett

      its fine cause it scales, and there is scaling options to zoomout a bit to make it less cramped, worked great on 6s+

  • GamerGangsta

    I dont get all the hype behind the game , tbh ive put two hours in and can't figure out how to even complete one quest , I'm an experienced old school gamer , and am not a novice and can't figure wth to do, i don't have experience w/ crafting games but i understood this was light crafting in this game and anybody should be able to get into it, if someone can maybe give me some tips or what im supposed to do to start the the game , i mean advance , complete a single quest , i cant even craft a sawmill , just have the stupid hand saw , i dont get what the the initial equipment is for , stuff to place on walls etc. And it becoming a bore , can someone tell me what im doing wrong or pm me a guide to the first few quests in the game so i can get into it and figure out how to play 😁

    • Kelsop23

      Look up a guide.... Old school gamers should have no trouble with this

      • Ron

        Depends on exactly how old, eh? lol

      • GamerGangsta

        35... Not an old fart

    • joezero

      I had some trouble initially too. One of the things I found was that the game is not very linear, so it's possible to skip necessary steps. I couldn't figure out why I was dying so easily until I realized that there were additional quests that I had not yet started or completed.

      Check the map for any circled areas that you may still need to go to. Make sure you zoom all the way out. I had a couple locations I wasn't even aware of until I accidentally hit the zoom out button one too many times.

    • Spudboy

      There is a manual, that might help.

    • Joe Burkett

      dang you are SOL! lol no kidding, the begining holds your hand just follow what it says, id watch some youtube videos or see if anyone has a guide out yet, you gotta pay attention to what the npcs/juice box say go to your quests log read it all should tell you what to do. as you progress the game slowly opens up for you more stuff for you to build, there is always componets listed and you can track them from the quest log screen it will put them in the top right for you, to make a sawmill you need all the stuff its asking for aka ingredients. than use the construction pod thing to make it....

    • Dan Cooke

      My suggestion is pick up EVERYTHING. I read that in an article. It is true you never know when you will need it and remember where you saw certain things to harvest. It will make it easier in the long run.

    • thecmancan

      Maybe it's just not your type of game? Not all 5 star games will be to your absolute enjoyment?

      Am I expecting too much of a fellow netizen?

  • MarsMachine

    This game is the first game in years that has really drawn me in for hours at a time! How did they manage to squeeze this in less than 100 mb!? Awesome Job Butterscotch Shenanigans!

    • Joe Burkett

      the last game that drawed me in was Space miner ore bust! they knocked it out the park with this one, i love all their games too so the fact the world is the same as those games is great!

    • Dan Cooke

      This would be good for the Wiiu to boost sales since it is so small. You could even utilize the second screen to teleport instantly.

  • ZS77

    On the downside, I'm about to have an operation on my arm which will put it out of action for 2-3 months.....

    .....on the plus side, I'm having a month off work....guess what I'll be playing solidly for the next few weeks!

    Only problem is, having spent 2hrs playing this so far, I'm trying not to touch it until after the op so I can give it maximum attention.....

    seriously, abstinence from this little beauty is hard work, so tempted to fire it up and play! GOTY.

    • Joe Burkett

      the bonus it can be played with one hand !!!!!

  • Timmy2x


  • MarsMachine

    But the BIG question is... is it good enough to bring back the Maglor Cat from his slumber?

  • rudger

    Yes please, make a quest log user-friendlier. Right now I basically have to decipher the whole dialogues of alien english dialects, it's very hard to read and understand, in lots of cases its not clear what to do.

    Just do it like this: go there (show the direction) and kill x amount of that and so on. And please do it in sane and clean english, not with the alien dialects.

    I can live with the current map, quest log is pretty critical though.