appstoreAs Apple does whenever international exchange rates change, they're re-jiggering the prices of apps in territories where the exchange rates have gotten out of whack. This particular round includes price increases in Canada, Israel, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia, Singapore and South Africa. New prices should go into effect inside of the next 72 hours.

As our sister-site MacRumors points out, some of the increases are pretty substantial:

In Canada, for example, Tier 1 pricing will increase to $1.39, a 20-cent rise over current $1.19 pricing. That means a $1 app on the U.S. App Store will now sell for $1.39 on the Canadian App Store.

There's also a PDF document showing the new price tiers for the rest of the regions. If you've got iTunes credit in any of these areas, it's probably a good idea to spend it now as you're going to get significantly less bang for your buck inside of a few days. Before getting too worked up about this, realize anger in Apple's direction is misplaced- They're just reacting to the often confusing world of international currency exchanges.

[via MacRumors]

  • LordVandal

    Friggin, fruit munchers🍏

  • Anonomation


  • XperimentalZ Games

    Yeah they consider the US$ as their reference point and everything is adjusted accordingly. For instance, the Canadian dollar has been constantly dropping over the last 2 years, following the oil price. This also means that App Store prices in other countries will surely go back down eventually, when the market bounces.

    • Anova

      Oh Canada, Mexico of the North.

      • baldeagle86

        Oh, not really.

    • Dueler

      Haha not in your wildest dreams. If they ever do it'll be due to a class action but I doubt they will ever drop the price regardless of exchange rate.

  • Emotive

    All good, just means less of me buying 😉

    • nkx

      Yeah I was thinking the same.

  • Aragorn01

    Goodbye Canadian Appstore 🙁

  • icoker

    Yup. I havent been able to pay a visit to our neighbor to the south to do some shopping for quite a time now.

  • Zantagor

    and mark my words, when the dollar will get back to near parity, they'll wait over a year to fix the prices back. Like they did in the past. Quick to raise prices, slow to lower them back.

    • Eli Hodapp

      They've been pretty slow to raise them as well.

      • Zantagor

        roughly 2-3 months to raise them (at least console games) they raised a 60$ USD game to 75$ somewhere in september, 80$ in november, and 85$ is about to hit in febuary. Last time we were above the US for quite a while, it took them a full year to bring the price down to parity. (they never went below)

  • TokyoDan

    Good news for developers.

  • Mikiesque

    What's news in here - Australin prices went ~50% in some instances. E.g. From 99c to $1.29 to more recently $1.49.

    Note to TA - please update Australian prices - they've been incorrect for months.

    • Grummie

      I'm in Aus and haven't bought a game since they raised the prices. It's just not worth it anymore, not when a $5 game now cost $8

  • baldeagle86

    Ahh the week the only game I've been waiting for is coming out and it's gonna cost more! I better get games I've been hesitant to get tonight then. Thanks for the heads up

  • XperimentalZ Games

    Ah I've just noticed that with this update, alternate tier price A and B will become active for Canada and New Zealand and be valued at 0.99$ in their local currency, when used by the devs.

  • SystemX

    I think it's more annoying that the Canadian Dollar is not so low that it is $0.61US. In fact, Canada's dollar has never been that low. So Apple's realignment lines their coffers with a little bit of free money on each purchase. Their version of the Office Space penny pinching virus?

    • Bone16

      Hence they're the richest company in the world 😝

  • BlazeLee

    I live in Singapore, no more purchases for me now. Gonna jump from 1.28 SGD to 1.48 now. Ridiculous >_<

  • Lunicariave

    It seems good for developers but tbh i bet customers would be even less willing to buy stuff now (coughcoughrudepeoplelikeme)

    • Endscrypt

      I don't think it'll help Devs much, The Greedy Apple strikes again

  • Endscrypt

    I'm not complaining but why is a game 99c in the US but 79p in the UK that's not correct intact by today's currency's it should be 70p if it's 99c in the US, and it seems to be the more the game costs the crazier the prices go' so Apple are already skimming an extra 9p of a UK user for a 99c app, 9 pennies for your thoughts.

  • bestkevin

    Apple is such a rip off!! Prices on Android are cheaper so why fking raise it?! Next time when I'm getting a new phone, I'm going to get an Android one. I'm done with ios.