Nintendo's first mobile 'game', Miitomo, is still awaiting release this year after its reveal late last year. And now we're getting word out of Japan that the game will hit in a couple of months. The normally-reliable Dr. Serkan Toto, who was the first to say to "expect the unexpected" with Nintnendo's first mobile game – and I don't think anyone was really expecting Miitomoreports in a series of tweets that Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima said to Japan's Mainichi Shimbun that the first smartphone game from Nintendo will release in March. It's assumed this is Miitomo, but has not been made explicitly clear.

Also, more games from Nintendo, some featuring famous Nintendo characters, will release in 2016. Tatsumi Kimishima says that "it's vital for Nintendo to experiment with new business models." So it'll be interesting for sure to see just what the oming year brings for Nintnendo and their mobile games. It'll be odd to think of Nintendo games as regular occurrences on mobile, but this is the future we live in now.


  • SkyrimMaster

    I want my Nintendo Clash of Clans clone and I want it now Dammit!

  • Anonomation

    Eh, this is basically Facebook with controllable characters right?

  • Quix

    What about Pokemon Go?

  • genrou0

    Advanced Wars Mobile please!

  • curtisrshideler

    Expecting it all to be underwhelming, unfortunately. Back to my awesome copy of Sonic 2 on iOS.

  • DeNappa

    Hmm. So, if they are moving towards smartphones... Aren't they digging the grave for their own handheld market by doing so? If everyone can play their Mario, zelda, and Pokemon games on their phone already, why even consider buying a DS, for example?

    • Sebastian Gomez

      Probably, their mobile games won't even be that good.

    • drmad

      Their monile game will most likely an entrance/teaser to the full console game on their handheld and console

    • boydstr

      I think that the handheld market gets a lot of competition of the smartphone almost everyone has a smartphone with the option to play games and a lot of games becoming more and more advance in gameplay and graphics,if they told me 3years ago that I could play an Xbox360 game on my phone I had said that they are crazy but now it's a reality,so I think that it is a smart move for Nintendo and it is for the gamers great news,and I hope that after a while the big Nintendo IP's become mobile how cool it will be to play Zelda Super Metroid,Donkey Kong etc.on our phones I hope this move for Nintendo will be a very successful one so good luck guys!!!🎮+📱=👾

    • melvin2898

      No, they aren't. That makes no sense. People can use both devices.

    • Sako Hamilton

      Clearly their gonna use these games as a gateway drug to their DS. Obviously their games aren't gonna be as good. Their gonna make dumb downed iOS versions of the game

    • spader623

      LOL. This is their whole freaking reason for not making flat out Nintendo games on phones. They're gonna use mobile to push people towards their consoles and handhelds

  • shining jade

    Well if a full premium harvest moon game can come to iOS then I think anything can ..its Nintendo who chooses the freemium/premium road ..

    • riChchestMat

      Except that it didn't. The real Harvest Moon is now Story of Seasons on 3DS.

  • IainsTheName

    How come Pocket Master Saga or whatever it's called made it onto iOS and pretty much ripped the Pokemon characters off and have no sign of it on any site whatsoever? Has Nintendo or Game Freak issued some sort of gag order on the thing?? And even worse the app still works, despite being taken off the AppStore (and I presume the Play Store as well?). Interested to hear any take on this, the lack of comment seems weird.