Nintendo and DeNA’s First Mobile Game: “Expect the Unexpected, and Soon”

The world is waiting on the Nintendo and DeNA collaboration to come to fruitition. With 5 games expected to release in the next 2 years, but promises of original experiences, what exactly will these be? Well, we have our first big hint from Dr. Serkan Toto, game industry consultant based in Tokyo who historically has been very reliable and well-connected in the Asian video game industry. He says:

Tantalizing! Dr. Toto doesn’t just make things up – he’s an interesting link between the English-speaking world and the Japanese gaming industry, and has given talks on the Japanese gaming industry before:

So, if he’s saying to expect something unexpected and soon, expect something unexpected and soon. The word previously has been to expect games that would point toward “more premium experiences" on Nintendo’s own hardware, so who knows what exactly this could be?