During E3 in June of last year, Natsume Inc. announced Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories [$9.99], a new entry in the long-running farming/RPG series and the first "true" Harvest Moon game to land on iOS, as the previous mobile game bearing the Harvest Moon name was a puzzle game. Great news, right? Well, maybe. As many know, the Harvest Moon franchise is a convoluted one, and later entries in the series haven't quite captured the magic that the original SNES Harvest Moon did back in the mid-90s. So fans of the series were understandably cautiously optimistic when it came to Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories, but as of today they can find out for themselves as the game has officially launched on the App Store. Also, even though it would make TOTAL sense for this type of game to be free to play'd out the wazoo, Seeds of Memories is actually a fully paid game with zero IAP. Check out the official trailer.

Unfortunately, I am not an OG Harvest Moon person, so I'm not really qualified to tell you if this latest release lives up to the series' cult status. I know someone who is though, our very own Shaun Musgrave, so expect to hear more about Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories from us in the very near future. In the meantime however, be sure to drop by the forums to check out the impressions from our community, which so far seem to be leaning well towards the positive side. As for me I've only just hopped into Seeds of Memories myself, but I'm enjoying it and am eager to continue on and see if I can get to the bottom of why everyone is so nuts these wacky farming games.

  • Ben

    The cat still retired because this is instabuy?!!!!

  • shining jade

    Worth 9.99$! Was a instant buy as soon as I found out !

    It brings back old memories of mining down under many levels I got to 12 before retreating up cause I brought no food to replenish stamina (there's a hot spring near the mines you can replenish there too)
    You can farm (easy quick auto load tools depending on what needs doing )
    Sell and buy from the towns shops
    Fish and get bait in town
    Cook in your kitchen
    Starter Items are given to you at the beginning just talk to EVERYONE you can forage for plants and mine rocks cut trees not just on your farm wherever it allows you to enter farm mode, you can upgrade your house your animal barns, have chickens, cows and such.. Put Down fences, that you make with the blacksmith you go to him and can refine your materials and buy stuff..
    Fortunes can tell u much stuff oh and tells you about weather you will learn who to go to in game, the bookshelf tells ALL tips galore read it and learn .. Too me this fits iOS well graphic wise is like snes kinda ..
    Newer devices only it seems anything with lower then 1gb of ram can't play ..
    I'm playing on a iPod 6 gen even for a tiny screen it works well and for 9.99$ it's wicked !

  • shining jade

    It works on my iPad mini wahoo!

  • http://www.deltaattack.com/ Fade to Slack

    Bear in mind, this is NOT the Marvelous game seriesthat people have loved for years. Natsume owns the Harvest Moon name, but the series has since switched names to A Story of Seasons.

    Natsume, as a development team, does not have a good track record with Harvest Moon games that they developed.

    • Deygus

      That's your own opinion and honestly I don't give a crap. Many of us harvest moon fans will likely get it anyway since it's not emulated and it's the real deal. Looking at the video demo it looks a lot better than people kept making it out to be so I think it will do well so long as they update it eventually to keep it going good.

      • Dash902

        Fact: Friends of Mineral Town is by far a better game and half the price. But if you don't mind that's great.

      • Desertking24

        Fact: some people don't have access to a gba or wiiu to play a game like it and went mobile gaming.

      • Dash902

        That's true, I don't have a wii u either or a ps3/4 to buy Back to Nature but I just put together my impressions so far and I'd definitely wait for a sale before getting this.

      • cyborg009

        Let me know what other choices are available right now on iOS, cause these comparisons seems to be made about games which are not available on iOS.

      • http://www.deltaattack.com/ Fade to Slack

        Unbunch your panties, Deygus. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, that I stated was fact, not opinion. The only part that could be stated as opinion is their track record, and that's based off of critical reception.

        My opinion, though, is that it looks like crap with jank animations and poor character models. It's not my fault you lack in taste.

      • TheFatDelinquent

        Sadly, I agree with you. Seeds of Memories looks like a cheaper version of Harvest Moon. Im watching a gameplay video as I wrote this and honestly, I dont mind the direction Natsume is taking but what pisses me off is the lack of character portraits!

      • Onikage725

        If you're just looking for a Harvest Moon-like game for iOS, this looks like it fits the bill. What's being pointed out, though, is just to be aware this is Natsume licensing out the title to make Harvest Moon clones under the official western title. What we call Harvest Moon is the Bokujo Monogatari (I believe that translates to Farm Story) series. Those are made by a company called Marvelous. Due to whatever business and acquisitions dealings that have been going on, they now have to publish in the west under Xseed Games. Since Natsume holds the western rights to the NAME Harvest Moon, but not the games, they are now using that name to make their own games. The Bokujo Monogatari series, which we've been playing as Harvest Moon since SNES, is now coming out via Xseed under the new western title Story of Seasons. So, for example, to the Japanese, A Story of Seasons was the next Harvest Moon (bear with me) while to us it was a "different" series with similar gameplay and the next Harvest Moon was The Lost Valley (which wasn't as well received and had different devs).

        To anyone that just wants something similar on their phone, this is cool. If you're a die hard HM fan, just know you may need to temper your expectations. That's all.

  • Dee

    OMG yes! People like me have been wanting a harvest moon style game for YEARS now and they've all come and gone due to the lack of quality, freemium approach that didn't work, among other things. This is an instabuy for me and it looks so much better than the terrible minecraft style Harvest moon game Natsume released after losing the true Japanese Harvest Moon games.

  • ItouchBrett

    Yup. This game will get a review before CDDA

    • Shaun Musgrave

      Wanna bet on that?

  • Ragnar Dragonfyre

    I'm a huge Harvest Moon fan... Been waiting for a good iOS version for a long time.

    Rune Factory 4 is the best Harvest Moon hands down.

    This looks plain awful in comparison.

  • kamirose

    Already bought but won't be able to download until I get home. Does anyone know if you can romance your own gender in this version? Just so I know what gender to pick at startup.

  • EZ Ice

    Was a fan of the series, but this looks like a watered down version that smells of F2P in due time....

  • Anova

    I agree wo people they could have gone a different route with animation, but I'm not sure they should have. Non-3D is the first hating I'd want them to drop to save money, and as a long time hm fan I think he game works better as 2d overhead anyways.

    • Anova

      First thing

  • HollyDWW

    Anyone know how to get an axe?
    I know im suppose to talk to Tony but the event thing wont happen

    • http://natsume.com CeeCee

      Have you visited Hannah in the town square? She said to come back after you'd introduced yourself to everyone.

      • Amanda Scott

        I'm having the same problem. If you or anyone has any tips or ideas on how to trigger the "Blacksmith's Son" memory that info would be GREATLY appreciated. I really don't want to start a whole new game. I'm now into Summer and still don't have the axe. Friendship level with Tony is at 2 music notes and I have definitely talked to Hanna multiple times with no mention of introducing myself to all of the characters. Huge bummer. In the meantime....... I'll just continue playing in hopes that it can be fixed eventually........

    • Qaph

      I didn't get the axe too. Am in my day 11 Spring ady 😱

    • Weslygio

      You have to talk to Tony when its in office hours.
      I got it when Spring 2 (Tuesday).

  • Vanessa

    Anyone know how can i get a pet?

  • Turkay TS

    They not gonna release it in android??

  • Jay

    Someone please help me, I can't acquire the ax for some reason, what am I missing?

  • seraph_revenheart

    Bought as soon as I found out it released, worth every cent!

  • Move

    I really wanted to like it as a big Harvest Moon Fan but i can't recommend this Game, the Controls are horrible. Seems like a very bad Port.

  • Vladimir

    please help me, does anyone know how to get an axe, because im almost finish the spring already, can i get the axe back? please help me guysssss

  • Bella

    i didnt get an axe from tony, theres no way to restart because im already too far, 6th of summer here πŸ™ our friendship is 2 notes now, please help i really need an axe!! πŸ™

    • TywinTheVile

      It is a bug. If you don't get it in the beginning you missed your chance. Start over. I have a file that is in winter with no axe as I was hoping tony would eventually give it to me. No such luck. Made a new file, got axe right away and now I will play that one instead.

      • Bella

        I already email natsume to fix this, they replied my email and said they will fix this bug asap. I wish i dont have to restart mine πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»

  • Riya Chan

    How can I married with Luke? It seem like blue feather doesn't work! >.<
    Please help me and sorry for my broke English!