‘Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories’ Finally Launches on iOS as a Fully Paid Game

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During E3 in June of last year, Natsume Inc. announced Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories ($9.99), a new entry in the long-running farming/RPG series and the first “true" Harvest Moon game to land on iOS, as the previous mobile game bearing the Harvest Moon name was a puzzle game. Great news, right? Well, maybe. As many know, the Harvest Moon franchise is a convoluted one, and later entries in the series haven’t quite captured the magic that the original SNES Harvest Moon did back in the mid-90s. So fans of the series were understandably cautiously optimistic when it came to Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories, but as of today they can find out for themselves as the game has officially launched on the App Store. Also, even though it would make TOTAL sense for this type of game to be free to play’d out the wazoo, Seeds of Memories is actually a fully paid game with zero IAP. Check out the official trailer.

Unfortunately, I am not an OG Harvest Moon person, so I’m not really qualified to tell you if this latest release lives up to the series’ cult status. I know someone who is though, our very own Shaun Musgrave, so expect to hear more about Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories from us in the very near future. In the meantime however, be sure to drop by the forums to check out the impressions from our community, which so far seem to be leaning well towards the positive side. As for me I’ve only just hopped into Seeds of Memories myself, but I’m enjoying it and am eager to continue on and see if I can get to the bottom of why everyone is so nuts these wacky farming games.

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