Rick and Morty is one of the best animated shows going right now, along with Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, and The Venture Brothers. But with a year and a half wait between seasons 2 and 3, how will we pass the time? Adult Swim Games has just revealed how we will pass the time: Pocket Mortys. A parody of Pokemon, Pocket Mortys will have you fighting as Rick's Morty against a whole other host of Mortys under the command of alien trainers. It sounds ridiculous, and I am in:

While there's sure to be some in-universe justification for the whole thing, Rick and Morty does take place in a multiverse where there are an infinite number of Ricks and Mortys, so it's not hard to see where a bunch of them have been captured and made to be collected and fought as Pokemon are. This looks ridiculous, and I'm excited to play it. And play it we shall, as it hits mobile next week on January 14th.

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  • Anonomation

    Get SCHWIFTY!!!

  • jsrco

    i hurt myself today... Still too soon for the song or that season finale. Bring on this game!

  • Tallgeese

    Rick-diculous! But when is Roy 2: Dave coming to iOS?

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  • Dueler

    I love it already xD

  • noteatino

    The other day I was thinking that we need a good Rick & Morty game on the AppStore and TA DAA. I hope this be awesome.

  • Michael Gevins

    Anything is better than that balloon popping game.

  • Airpegy

    This idea is sick i love it !

  • Stormourner of the Nature

    mortychu I choose you

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