Perfect World might not be famous in the English-speaking world yet, but they're certainly aiming to be. If you know their name at all, chances are it's because they're going to be publishing Torchlight Mobile, the free-to-play take on the PC hit action-RPG. They had a few titles on display at their booth at the Tokyo Game Show, and I gave them all a spin.


Torchlight Mobile

First up is Torchlight Mobile. Honestly, I don't have much to add to Jared's impressions of the game from E3 2015, so I'll just back up what he said there. It's designed as a free-to-play game, and it has all the things you would expect from that, including a stamina system and a premium currency. The quests have been reduced in size and scope to make them suitable for pick up and play sessions, with each one not taking more than a few minutes to get through. It looks great and plays well, but like Jared, I'm a little apprehensive about how well the Torchlight experience is going to carry over when married to free-to-play restrictions.


Iten to Ryuuki

The next game I tried was called Iten to Ryuuki, which translates out to The Heaven Sword And Dragon Saber. It's a free-to-play action game that is based on a famous 1961 Hong Kong wuxia novel. It follows the story of a martial artist named Zhang Wuji as he seeks to overthrow the Yuan Dynasty. The book has had many adaptations, including at least a few films, and that Hong Kong film influence shines through in the game. The gameplay is tense and requires the player to use careful timing as to when to attack or dodge, and the battles are interspersed with short cut-scenes packed full of choreography similar to Hong Kong martial arts films. The free-to-play elements weren't apparent in the demo version, but I could at least spot a premium currency, so there will certainly be a price of some sort.


The Legend of the Condor Heroes

The last game I tried at Perfect World's booth was another free-to-play action RPG called The Legend Of The Condor Heroes, assuming I've got my reading correct. Based on the same series of wuxia novels that Iten to Ryuuki draws from, you might expect it to look and play similarly. However, this one takes a more cartoon-style approach to the story, and features heavier RPG elements. With a handful of special abilities at your disposal during battles, it actually feels a lot like Torchlight Mobile with a totally different paint job. It's fun, but again, I'll hold off judgement until we can see how deeply the pricing structure affects the game progression.

All of these games will be released worldwide over the course of the next several months, with Torchlight hitting first near the end of this year, The Legend Of The Condor Heroes hitting in spring, and Iten to Ryuuki coming in around early summertime of 2016. They've certainly got the production values and the controls down, but games like this live or die based on how the publisher chooses to monetize them. We'll keep you updated on these games as we get more information, but feel free to check out the videos for now.

  • IzumiNowa

    Awesome 🙂

  • Leguro

    Just mash one button?!

    • ZeeMonkeyMan

      That's pretty much what you do on torchlight games, still a cool game though!

  • razorracer83

    Funny, I knew Perfect World more as the publisher that bought out Warframe. Thankfully, that game wasn't negatively affected by the buyout.

  • aaroncantsleep

    Want so badly to play a game like Torchlight (or Diablo) on my iPad. Want so badly for it NOT to be free-to-play. :-/

    • razorracer83

      So this! If I wanted to play a free-to-play Diablo clone, I would play Dungeon Hunter 3-5.

      • Mark Dey

        I play diablo3 on my note3. 🙂

    • Septim

      The upcoming Titan Quest does look nice & has a good chance of being premium. Once f2p/energy/bite sized missions was announced for Torchlight I was out. But there is a glimmer of hope with Titan Quest.

      • terrence92

        + 1 for titan quest hype

    • Mark Dey

      If you had android you could play ps4 games on your tablet or phone. :')

  • Schpank

    F2P is unequivocally the worst development in the history of gaming.

  • Martymcsmartie

    I suppose when Torchlight comes out, I'll give it a go, unfortunately, the way it sounds is the usual reason that I get bored and I end up deleting....shame as a port would have been better.......but hey ho, let's see!

  • Aggro Magnet Games

    > First up is Torchlight Mobile

    Neat! This hadn't been on my radar. I bet Torchlight could be a lot of fun to play on iPad.

    > It's designed as a free-to-play game, and it has all the things you would expect from that

    Oh, never mind. It's not for me. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    I'm sure the "free" price tag will get a lot of people to download and try it that wouldn't have otherwise, though, and a percentage of those will buy into the IAPs, per the standard mobile gaming business model these days!

  • Adollin

    I am hoping for a one time iap unlock of some sort.

  • gemineye62

    Well, speaking just for myself, I'm not looking for more games
    that have short levels with timers and in app buys.

    I want a meaty RPG. Where is The Diablo game for the IPad???

    Someone pick up Infinity Blade Dungeons and finish it!

    Okay, maybe that will never happen, but , one can dream.

    • razorracer83

      I know right!? Infinity Blade Dungeons gets cancelled! Orc: Vengeance gets pulled! What is happening to all the premium non-roguelike loot based dungeon crawlers (ie. premium Diablo clones)?!

      • Pivi

        I'm so full of roguelikes and f2p crap, that I only play games on my Vita and 3DS lately. Give us a traditional premium RPG...

      • Mark Dey

        Buy a android and remote play diablo3 on your tab or phone from any where.

      • Mark Dey

        My new demon hunter at the time...... he is lvl 70 with 10k paragon levels now. Most of them acquired at work or on the road.

  • deano13

    Anyone have any info of this games production? It's seem to have gone pretty quiet...