Four5Six Pxiel is working on a game calledHyper Sentinel, promising that it's a fast-paced shoot 'em up, and having seen it in action, it looks like it's going to deliver on just that. The trailer shows off a game moving at a fast pace, along with the very old-school graphics, looking very much like Xevious or any other Namco 80's shoot-em-up come back to life.

The game seems to share a couple of factors with the recently-released Starseed: Origin [$2.99], including the need to destroy large spaceships, and making 2D sprites exist in something of a 3D world without apologizing at all for being 2D sprites in a 3D environment. It's not as pronounced, but I dig the intentional flatness. Plus, the whole flipping to fly around the space station seems like a cool mechanic. We'll see how this one turns out, but it's looking right up my alley right now. Keep an eye on the forum thread for more.

  • Matthew

    A Uridium clone!!! I can't wait!

  • EGVroom

    This looks awseome!

  • slamraman

    More Braybrook inspired stuff. Brilliant stuff. Gribbly's next, please.

  • Charlie

    Wow, that looks AMAZING!!!

  • gaymerX

    Futuridium in a top down 2D perspective? Sounds interesting.

    • JohnT321 Arcadelife

      I really, honestly am not having a cheap dig here, but you need to check your video game history knowledge. Uridium started all this and it was top-down 2D on the C64 (and other 8-bit machines). Either way, this game looks pretty good.

      • gaymerX

        I grew up on C64 and V20. Programmed my first game on a V20, LOL. Never saw that game you speak of. Cool though.

  • Daniel Stephens

    Looks great, its a Uridium clone.