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‘Hyper Sentinel’ Promises to be a Very Fast Shoot ’em Up

Four5Six Pxiel is working on a game calledHyper Sentinel, promising that it’s a fast-paced shoot ’em up, and having seen it in action, it looks like it’s going to deliver on just that. The trailer shows off a game moving at a fast pace, along with the very old-school graphics, looking very much like Xevious or any other Namco 80’s shoot-em-up come back to life.

The game seems to share a couple of factors with the recently-released Starseed: Origin ($2.99), including the need to destroy large spaceships, and making 2D sprites exist in something of a 3D world without apologizing at all for being 2D sprites in a 3D environment. It’s not as pronounced, but I dig the intentional flatness. Plus, the whole flipping to fly around the space station seems like a cool mechanic. We’ll see how this one turns out, but it’s looking right up my alley right now. Keep an eye on the forum thread for more.