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‘Cavernaut’ is a Patient yet Tense Game of Ascending Through a Randomly-Generated Cavern

Cavernaut is a game you need watch out for. The goal of Cavernaut is not dissimilar from Flop Rocket (Free), but this time going vertical. You’re trying to escape a deep dark cave, ascending through the depths to eventually escape. But along the way, you’ll deal with your limited fuel, and numerous dangerous cave hazards, like rocks and mines that get in your way. Fuel is your number one enemy, as you balance out finding orbs and making it to the next fueling station in time.

It’s not a very fast game – I would say that the experience is more slow-paced, almost like a Spelunky-type game instead of a normal fast-paced mobile high score game. It’s actually quite refreshing with this kind of game to see it be patient, yet it’s still engaging because you’re constantly on edge trying to survive. The game will be out on September 22nd for $0.99, though it will be $1.99 after launch week. The game has coins you can collect for upgrades, but the developer promises no in-app purchases. Definitely keep an eye out for this one next Tuesday, and check out the forum thread for more.