Over on our sister site MacRumors, reader Chris Jenkins decided to go in-depth on the forums about what to potentially expect, hardware-wise, from the upcoming iOS devices, including the A9 processor expected to be in the iPhone 6s models, and the A9X in the upcoming iPads. The big thing to expect from the new SoCs powering the devices? 2 GB of RAM for both the iPhone and the iPad, which will be huge for games performance, and even just device usage. If you haven't used an iPad Air 2, it's a revelation when switching apps. Games might still be running in memory that you forgot about a long time ago, it's ridiculous compared to the 1 GB devices.

This is a long and detailed technical read, and while Jenkins owns up to some missteps in the A7 and A8 chip projections, he also got a lot right. And while he was wrong about 2 GB of RAM in the iPhone last year, it's easy to see where 2 GB could be the next step this year. Jenkins is also predicting another solid GPU performance bump, which is always key for bigger and bolder games coming to iOS, especially if the Apple TV is finally the gaming device it's rumored to become. Definitely give the post a read.

  • TouchMint

    Yea pretty excited for this new phone. Not that I play super demanding games but progress is always nice. I am really excited to see what they do with apple tv I really think they are going to call it a gaming console which will be pretty cool imo.

  • Shkrbby

    Can't see Apple calling it a games console.

  • http://adamsimmersive.com Adams Immersive

    Didn't some test recently show games using 4x the RAM on Android? Is that a real thing?

    If so, 2GB would be like an 8GB-RAM Android phone!

    But new iPads are what interest me. I bet we don't see them announced until October though.

    • zergslayer69

      Waiting on that supposed supercharged iPad pro!

      • http://adamsimmersive.com Adams Immersive

        Me too! Even if it only had the power of an iPad Air (which I doubt), having 78% more screen space sounds really good to me!

        I have already added 13" support to my app DotSpace (experimentally, not a released update of course) and I love the extra workspace.

        Tower defense, RTS, MOBAs, video viewing, and split-screen multitasking all sound very enticing to me in a device that's still barely larger than a piece of paper, yet has a 13" screen. Optional stylus for drawing? Also cool, whether I actually opted for one or not.

        Not sure how I feel about a rumored new hardware keyboard. I'd want a keyboard sometimes, yet I like NOT relying on one, and learning to type better and better by touch alone. No harm in having the option though.

      • zergslayer69

        It has to be faster than the air 2 or at least on par. Would be a laughingstock if not. Only thing I worry about is weight. Sometimes I read comics one handed. If it's too heavy, it's cumbersome to require two handed operations. I do hope the stylus is halfway as good as the galaxy note stylus. And preferably some sort of compartment rather than some after thought where you lug it around separately until you lose it.

        If they market this as a surface competitor that'll be interesting as I'd love to see the iPad be a power device rather than "an even larger iPhone".

      • http://adamsimmersive.com Adams Immersive

        Yes, I meant Air 2. It certainly can't and won't be a large Air 1!

        I too think it would take getting used to for reading—I'll probably keep my Air 1 for that purpose. (Or a Mini, but I don't have one.) Even if it's very light, the sheer length will mean it has a lot of leverage—I can't imaging it being comfortable for one hand.

        It will overlap with Surface uses (pen!) but it won't exist in the same niche I'm sure. Current Surfaces run desktop apps, which is interesting and fills a need, but iOS is intentionally a divergence from classic OS X, and won't run classic OS X apps. It's prowess as a pro tool will take time to establish, then, rather than running existing pro apps. (Although some great pro tools like Procreate already exist for smaller iPads.)

        I have a borrowed (Wacom) Windows 8 tablet right now, and of course the pen is awesome, but using Windows? Abominable. Give a mouse, or give me an OS designed for touch.

        (Also, this Wacom has a 13" screen, but is a BEAST. So massive and thick and heavy I simply cannot believe how awkward it is to deal with. It's a tablet in name only. You need that weight when you're trying to run inefficient legacy apps on non-ARM CPUs! But we've seen how an iPad can be fast and lean.)

  • Jakeopp

    I really couldn't care less what Apple releases unless they give the iPad Mini an A9X. They ruined the mini when they didn't upgrade it last year. Screen is washed out compared to other Apple products, and the A7 just isn't enough power to drive it anymore. No excuses Apple, the iPad has dominated the tablet market due to lack of competition. There's no reason the Mini has to be worse than the Air lineup.

    • Jakeopp

      Seems to me they just didn't like seeing the Mini become so popular at $100 less than the Air, but really they sell 2 different sizes of iPhones with the same specs with $100 price difference between them.

  • Liggerstuxin

    So your saying you want less choice? That's retarded.

  • Desertking24

    I'm just waiting for this week to see if I should upgrade my iPad mini to an air 2 or see what's coming out

  • daniel schroeder

    With what I've read elsewhere, it sounds like there won't be a return (at least as an option) to the 4" display, which really has me bummed. That's made me less excited about this coming announcement in general, which in turn hampers my inclination to read that crazy wall of test in the link (but sure, I'll go on and on about my own opinions...). I have a 6 for work, but I can't stand to use it for several reasons, the size being one of the major ones. If they never return to something the size of the 5S, I'll be a sad clown in an iron lung.