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Gravitational Puzzler ‘Agrav’ Launching September 23rd

Back in January of this year, the trailer for an upcoming game called Agrav caught my attention, and I’ve been patiently waiting to hear more about it ever since. Well, good news if you were in a similar boat as me, as developer null2 has announced that Agrav is set for release this month on September 23rd. If you missed the January post, Agrav is all about guiding a spaceship through puzzle-like levels using the gravitational pull of black holes. Touch anywhere on the screen to create a black hole, with the longer you hold down being how intense the gravitational pull becomes. The Agrav trailer explains the gameplay pretty well.

Look pretty cool, right? It should probably be noted that, if you happened to peruse null2’s YouTube channel, you’d notice the same trailer as above being uploaded at least a couple of different times with different release dates in each. Yeah, that’s the nature of game development sometimes, and things don’t always go according to plan. So since the release date has already been pushed back before, I guess anything could happen to the September 23rd release date, though null2 says they are “dead set" on keeping this date firm. Hopefully all goes well this time and we’ll see Agrav later this month.