Check Out This Prediction of the iPhone 6s’ New Hardware

Over on our sister site MacRumors, reader Chris Jenkins decided to go in-depth on the forums about what to potentially expect, hardware-wise, from the upcoming iOS devices, including the A9 processor expected to be in the iPhone 6s models, and the A9X in the upcoming iPads. The big thing to expect from the new SoCs powering the devices? 2 GB of RAM for both the iPhone and the iPad, which will be huge for games performance, and even just device usage. If you haven’t used an iPad Air 2, it’s a revelation when switching apps. Games might still be running in memory that you forgot about a long time ago, it’s ridiculous compared to the 1 GB devices.

This is a long and detailed technical read, and while Jenkins owns up to some missteps in the A7 and A8 chip projections, he also got a lot right. And while he was wrong about 2 GB of RAM in the iPhone last year, it’s easy to see where 2 GB could be the next step this year. Jenkins is also predicting another solid GPU performance bump, which is always key for bigger and bolder games coming to iOS, especially if the Apple TV is finally the gaming device it’s rumored to become. Definitely give the post a read.