About a month ago, Gameloft announced Order & Chaos 2: Redemption, a sequel to their popular free to play MMORPG, via an extremely vague teaser trailer. All we really knew about Order & Chaos 2 at that time is that the game would take place in the same world of Haradon but 600 years after the events of the original game. Today, Gameloft has released a new video explaining two of the new features in Order & Chaos 2: Solo Dungeons and Instant Quests.

Besides explaining those features, the video also shows us a bit of the game in action, and it's looking pretty sweet. As was mentioned in the announcement for Order & Chaos 2 and at the end of this video, you can visit OrderAndChaos2.com and pre-register for the game in order to unlock rewards for launch. Currently 3 of the 5 rewards have been unlocked and progress is about halfway to the 4th reward, so check it out.

  • Samurix16

    Looks a lot better than the first one

    • ODMay

      Assuming it's on one of the most recent iOS devices, it's using metal technology.

      • Nekku

        I couldn't find any official statement that it is using Metal. Do you have a source?

      • Xylone

        ODMay is just assuming. No worries.

  • aconfusedkender

    Man I played the mess out of the first one. It was the first mmorpg I played on my iPhone. I played it until I capped and then stopped. Later they brought out the first few expansions but never got back into the game. I'm looking forward to O&C2. Looks pretty and I like the new stuff they seem to have resolved from he first one

  • Amenbrother

    I love them saying no friends or time no problem lol. Seriously though single player stuff is what I like anyways.

    • jForsythe

      Same here.

  • deano13

    Looks so epic!!!!

  • Bloodangel

    I like the 2 hander!
    Hope it's got plenty of loot... I mean PLENTY! As its been able to make your character different/unique to others, that is a big point in mmorpg.
    Hope it's got helms and maybe cloaks.

    Wonder when it's released?

    • nezuja

      They did these same launch announcements for Dungeon Hunter 5. It was teased in January and then launched in March. If they hold true with that same schedule then this game should release around October.

  • Jayboy720

    My only question though: Are instant quests the new quest system, or is that in addition to the traditional method?

    • nezuja

      Looks like it's in addition to and not a replacement for.

    • Serenityinaz12

      Sounded like an addition to me also

    • Jayboy720

      Seemed as much, but that's a bit a shame. I get the idea of pick up and play but I'm assuming you need to be in the right places now to trigger these quests, which requires knowing where they are ahead of time if you just want to play for a few minutes.

      If this *is* the intention then they may be better off adopting the Guild Wars 2 system, where every 'quest area' is clearly marked and you can walk up and complete tasks whenever you please.

      Hopefully these solo dungeons will take up that mantle though; have some ten minutes mobs and a boss fight and log off, that'll make this pretty amazing!

  • Velcroe

    I never got into the first one. I really wanted to like it but it just never did it for me. Really hope this one scratches that MMO itch.

  • Morgan01

    Freemium no doubt...

  • captfitz

    Very guild wars

  • projectmoonlightcafe

    Need to recreate Eclipse guild.

  • Xexist

    I really want this to be amazing. I don't care premium or free, as long as it's done right

  • klepp0906

    Blizzard is sure missing out on a huge market

    • jfrank7

      Yup they are and square enix is just not brave enought to do a next gen mmo on mobile

    • TouchMint

      They are missing out on the mmo market but they are making a ton ff hearthstone so its not like they are hurting haha.

  • EZ Ice

    looking forward to this.

  • Ron

    Can we expect to see an article summing up the storyline from the first game? Might be kinda helpful for those of us who never got passed lvl 30 or so. 😀

  • blablamonster

    로스트아크 wrote:
    "The game seems built to squeeze out a large amount of money from people, as is now normal. Creative people with a passion no longer make games. It's rich greedy business suits paying creative types to make content they otherwise wouldn't have made without the painstaking determination those from decades ago had. No disrespect to artists, but it's the truth. Their talents are being used for a means most—quite bluntly—devilish. Just look at all the themes in the game. Demon this, demon that.

    That aside, the game deceptively aims to cator to the RPG lot, however they haven't really put much 'rpg elements' in. Some seem to think if a game has a class choice and skills, it's an rpg. Rpgs have a certain exploration, 'sand-boxery' to it. This game carefully knows how to put just enough things in to keep players interested; all the while lacking the things that differenciates a beat 'em up from an adventure game. Don't be fooled. Just because the maps are vast, large and colourful means nothing if you have no means to feel accomplished. What I mean, if you've read this far and don't understand is, the game lacks DEPTH.

    Everything is on a timer. Crafting, dungeons..even gameplay itself (vigor). That imho, shouldn't exist in a game. If they cared to not make you play too much (which you shouldn't /or at all), they would reward logged-out time as did the giant(WoW) they now mimic.

    Much like the real world, the trinity (as some people call it/them)is what keeps things in order and most desirous. Playing a game where you have no purpose, save who can do the most dmg, makes for a lame existance. Players become bored and unsatisfied no matter how many of them fool themselves into thinking a tank-healer-dps system is better off left behind. They themselves need that which they reject—again, much like the real world. The only way we will ever get good games with depth, is when the passion to create a wholesome experience is taken up again. Too much greed.

    In the end, those that knowingly steal and pillage others weaker than themselves will have to answer for it. I suppose banks are no longer the only major corperations in that lot"