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New ‘Order & Chaos 2’ Trailer Shows Off Instant Quests and Solo Dungeons

About a month ago, Gameloft announced Order & Chaos 2: Redemption, a sequel to their popular free to play MMORPG, via an extremely vague teaser trailer. All we really knew about Order & Chaos 2 at that time is that the game would take place in the same world of Haradon but 600 years after the events of the original game. Today, Gameloft has released a new video explaining two of the new features in Order & Chaos 2: Solo Dungeons and Instant Quests.

Besides explaining those features, the video also shows us a bit of the game in action, and it’s looking pretty sweet. As was mentioned in the announcement for Order & Chaos 2 and at the end of this video, you can visit and pre-register for the game in order to unlock rewards for launch. Currently 3 of the 5 rewards have been unlocked and progress is about halfway to the 4th reward, so check it out.