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Pixelbite Wants to Know What YOU Want to See in ‘Space Marshals 2’

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This year got off to a hot start when Pixelbite Games launched their new dual-stick shooter Space Marshals ($3.99) back in January. On a platform that’s been full of dual-stick shooters since the days of iDracula and Minigore, Space Marshals stood well above the pack for its emphasis on stealth and strategy, rather than just blasting everything in sight (though you could usually do that too if you wanted!). The interesting thing about Space Marshals was that it was released in pieces. Pixelbite wasn’t sure if it would be a success, so the initial release of Space Marshals was the rather short (but still phenomenal) Chapter 1 of the story. Well, as we know now, that initial release of Space Marshals was a critical and commercial success, so Pixelbite set out to add to the game, which they did with both Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 expansions.

Besides minimizing the financial risk of releasing a complete game all up front, the other benefit to this “wait and see" approach was that Pixelbite was able to build out the last two chapters based on feedback they’d gathered from players, ensuring that the new content would be well-received. Anyway, as you know Chapter 3 was the final chapter of Space Marshals, but Pixelbite has been hinting at the idea of doing a sequel. As it turns out, they want to take a similar approach to Space Marshals 2 as they did with building out the final chapters of the first game. That is, they want to know what YOU, the fans, want to see in a follow-up game.

Over in our forums, Pixelbite has asked, “Since chapter 3’s been available for a couple of weeks in the App stores we’re eager to find out what you guys think of the game as a whole. What is it about Space Marshals that you find makes it a great gaming experience (or not). Which features have you liked and disliked We’re in the planning process for Space Marshals 2 and we’re after making a game that our crowd will enjoy playing. We’d really appreciate if you could dedicate a couple of minutes to send us your thoughts on the first series of Space Marshals."

So there you have it. What did you like or dislike about the first Space Marshals? What do you want to see in a Space Marshals 2? If you’re interested in giving your thoughts to Pixelbite, shoot them an email at [email protected] and let them know. We’re of course very excited for a Space Marshals sequel, and will keep an eye out for any details in the future.

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