Those who were eagerly anticipating Sarah Northway's excellent and highly strategic zombie apocalypse city builder Rebuild 3, you're going to have to wait just a wee bit longer. Originally announced for a July or August release alongside its arrival on Steam back in June, Northway Games pegged a more specific date for the mobile release of Rebuild 3 on their blog earlier this month. The intended release was August 13th, just a couple of days away. Unfortunately, a device compatibility issue sprang up, hence the game being pushed back to the 27th instead. Hey, us mobile gamers are tough, a couple of weeks ain't no big deal!

The bright side of this delay is that Northway wants to take this extra time to do some extended device testing on the mobile version of Rebuild 3. If you're interested in partaking in that, check out details on their blog for directions for both Android and iOS users. Older, jankier devices are the most in demand for testing! For everyone else, hopefully everything goes smoothly with the resubmission and we'll all be happily playing Rebuild 3 on our mobile devices come August 27th.

  • Piph

    Aw, huge bummer! I've been practically holding my breath since the last TA article made early August seem likely.

    Still, it's a totally understandable issue, and I'm sure more than worth the wait. Still excited as hell to reclaim the cities of the undead!

  • spsummer

    Did I miss something, was there a Rebuild 2? I loved the first one, didn't know there was another.

    • armilla

      Think it was PC/Mac only, but either way it didn't make it mobile. Looking forward to this!

    • Jared Nelson

      I believe Rebuild on iOS is a port of Rebuild 2, not the first game.

      • Jake7905

        Yes, 100% correct. The first Rebuild was never released on IOS, but it's basically a beta version of Rebuild 2. So Rebuild 2 was simply titled Rebuild for IOS, and Rebuild 3 will simply keep it's title for it's IOS release, even though it's technically the second Rebuild for us IOS gamers.

  • Adam Betts

    Don't mind the delay at all. Rebuild on iPad was a big surprise, I expected a cheap Flash-looking game with so-so depth but ended up enjoying it a lot. I kickstarted a seemingly similar game called This is the Police because I wanted more after Rebuild. This will be an instabuy for me.

  • gaymerX

    So excited for this!

  • TimTim92

    Hey, thanks for this article!
    I'm going to try and test out how the game works.
    I just shot them an email.

  • Nergal

    Rebuild 2 was epic