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Ezone’s ‘Diver Dash’ Will Offer One-Touch Diving and Loads of Personality on August 27th

If you can say one thing about Ezone’s games, it’s that they’re always colorful and full of personality. Wait, I guess that’s two things. Anyway, the point being that Ezone knows how to make simple but fun games that can appeal to a wide audience. That looks to remain true with their next release too, the endless high-scoring game Diver Dash. Think the “dropping the hook" portions of Ridiculous Fishing ($2.99) mixed with Crossy Road (Free), and that’s pretty much Diver Dash. Here’s an extremely slick trailer:

I am a sucker for simplistic, single-tap high-scoring games, and I’m a sucker for unlockable, adorable characters. I think that means I’ll be a sucker for Diver Dash as well, which is A-OK with me. Several folks in our forums have beta tested the game and had positive things to say about it, specifically about the attention to detail and the variety of characters, hazards and environments. Diver Dash is pretty much ready to go and should be arriving on the App Store August 27th.