If you like strategy games and you owned a PC in the early 2000s, then you've probably heard of Stronghold, a great RTS about organizing a strong economy, forming an army, and building a, well, stronghold to protect yourself. In 2012, a few years and few Stronghold sequels later, developer Firefly Studios made a F2P MMO version of the game, called Stronghold Kingdoms, and has just announced that it will be porting the game to iOS.

According to the announcement, Stronghold Kingdoms iOS will offer the same experience as the PC version but with a redesigned interfaced and, of course, cross-platform play between PC and iOS. While the isometric view makes the game look like Clash of Clans, Stronghold Kingdoms is more challenging than Supercell's megahit.

Since the game will be a full port of the PC version, expect the rather long timers and other similar F2P features of the PC version to make the trip to the land of iOS too. As I've said many times, I have no issue at all with F2P done well, but some of the reviews of the PC version complained about very long waits and possibly pay-to-win elements in the form of powerful strategy cards. Hopefully, when the game does come to iOS the F2P elements don't interfere too much with the admittedly interesting gameplay.

We have no estimates about when the game will be hitting your phones and tablets, but as the new version is supposedly being built specifically for mobile devices, it might take a while.


  • spsummer

    I kinda wish this was more like the classic Defender of the Crown. Looks good though.

    • Mike Hunt

      Id like to see the old pc game: Lords of the Realm, come to iOS.

      • Mike Hunt

        Stronghold was great on the pc back in the day

      • Turk

        Easily one of my favorite games of all time. Wish it had a more recent successor

  • anakinejo


  • muttso1o

    Sadly this stronghold version is Miles away from that game back in 2000

    • nkx

      Yeah it's not the great game of 2k it will be a f2p filled with freemium garbage like dungeon keeper. I was so disappointed how EA ruined such amazing game.

      • pauldavidmerritt

        Anyone here surprised with the money tactics? The feast is ruined. And reviews now encourage us to eat it.

      • Shadowlord

        Yeah, looks great but with old school F2P I am skipping this (and Total War Kingdoms it seems).

        A shame these haven't look at later F2P incarnations.

  • C. Stubb

    Yeaaah. Not too Jazzed about where the franchise is going here.

  • Lawsy

    Whooo hooo!