‘Furdemption’ Widow’s Den Expansion Gets a Trailer, Coming August 13th

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A couple of weeks ago, we learned via animated .gifs that the wonderful, adorable, and twisted puzzle platformer Furdemption (Free) was set to get a huge expansion called The Widow’s Den. Since that time, developer RareSloth has created a proper trailer to showcase the new content and features in The Widow’s Den, and announced that the update will be available next week on August 13th.

Oh man, some of those new levels look messed up! In case you couldn’t tell, I like Furdemption a whole lot, and we also loved it in our review. Getting a whopping 40 new levels in the Widow’s Den update is a very exciting prospect indeed. It’s just that… spiders, man. I don’t do spiders well. At least they are video game spiders, and I *think* I have a good enough grasp on reality to know that they aren’t real. We’ll see! Look for The Widow’s Den expansion to hit Furdemption next Thursday.

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