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‘Burly Men at Sea’ Will Tell a Story About Big Bearded Fishermen

The developers of Doggins ($2.99) are at work on a new game, with one of my favorite game names yet: Burly Men at Sea. This is an interactive-narrative-driven game where you control the story about a trio of burly fishermen in early 20th-century Scandanavia, out to seek adventure. They are big, bearded men, and demand big, bearded adventures. You’ll encounter various folklore creatures, as you shape the narrative through your interactions with the characters and the world.

This one’s coming to mobile and desktop, aimed to release in late 2015. The art style and premise seem very fascinating, and I’m curious to see just what becomes of this. The developers at Brain&Brain have a Steam Greenlight page if you want to help the game get on there, too. It’s a game called Burly Men at Sea. If you don’t upvote Burly Men at Sea, what are you doing with your life?!