Aquiris Game Studio has been pretty forthcoming about their upcoming game Horizon Chase, posting early screenshots on our forums, and talking about how they hired the musician from the game Top Gear to do the soundtrack for their tribute to the late-80s/early-90s racing games that Horizon Chase takes after. Aquiris has just released a new trailer that shows off some actual, near-final, gameplay footage, and promising a release date this month!

It's looking pretty cool, with a great sense of speed to the racing that's looking like something I want to get my hands on. I'll probably crash many, many times while playing it, but hey, that's part of the challenge of racing games, right? The visuals seem to be striking a balance between paying tribute to retro games and keeping something of a modern feel. Three dimensions will likely make this feel better than the two dimensional games. When it comes to modernizing retro games, it's often about making the new game feel like how the old one did, not trying to replicate it exactly. We'll get to see later this month just how well Aquiris strikes that balance in Horizon Chase.

  • Spudboy

    Insta-Buy for me.

  • aeranth

    All about it.

  • Maglor

    ___∧_∧   ____∧_∧
    (・∀・∩) (∩・∀・)Most
    (つ  丿__(   ⊂)Impressive
    ( ヽノ ___ヽ/  )!N$TABU¥
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    • Anonomation

      This Maglor is well deserved

    • LordShad0wz

      Hell yeah! This is a Maglor level of Instabuy! Take my money!

  • nikos

    Been waiting for this one. Instabuy for me.

  • InTheAir

    One thing that kind of scares me is how well the game will perform on turns.

  • Timmy2x

    Out Run!

  • gaymerX

    Out run and pole position reincarnated.

  • razorracer83

    Nice! Since Kemco devolved into making shovelware RPGs, someone else should handle making the newest successor to Top Gear (the arcade racing game obviously, not the reality TV show with those jaded British car nuts), spiritual or otherwise. This certainly looks like a worthy successor to me.

  • Quazonk

    After just having bought Outrun 3D for the 3DS, this is total instabuy material for me

  • Dailon Huskey

    Rad racer-esque I'm in for certain

  • Thomas Bowen

    Reminds me of Turbo Outrun and Chase HQ. I remember I had that Chase HQ 2 that came on a cartridge you'd plug into the port at the back of the C64. This looks great!

  • korossyl

    It would be really, really hard to dethrone Final Freeway 2R, but this is definitely exciting!

  • Fujibayashi

    There is something *so* gloriously "Star Rider" (Williams 1983) about this. Maybe it's the huge polygon trees...

  • Gamer_Kev

    Looks fun. I've been an fan of retro style racers since before they where retro. I still collect and in joy them for the SNES, Genesis and NES as well as many Pre-nes systems. The Genesis in particularly has some of the best. I agree that capturing the spirit of these older games is more important that coping them exactly. I've played games that have really captured the feel of retro games, but with a modern graphic twist and also have played games that capture the graphics of older games perfectly and yet felt nothing like them. I can say I enjoy the former more than the latter.

  • imcookie

    Holy crapola that looks a-ma-zing! Can't wait to get my grubby little mitts on this, yeeeehaaaaw 😈

  • db2

    I am all over this if it's not "free"-to-play tripe. Come on baby...

    • Jesús Fabre

      It's a premium game.